Ex-Scientologist story #149, Co$ “a shameless fraud.”

David John Carter says, «I spent 6 years in the organisation, firstly as a public Scientologist and later as a Sea Org crew member. I was trained at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida to Level VI auditor and was processed to New OT V. Since leaving Scientology I have been able to put my life back in shape (a feat which is impossible according to `church’ propaganda) and am now completely disaffected with the organisation which I am convinced is a shameless fraud.

In 1995 Carter wrote an essay on Scientology that is available on the web site Operation Clambake.  In this essay he makes some interesting observations:

The paranoia which sweeps through Orgs is something to be seen and at some time every Scientologist will experience the wrath of those convinced that they are trying to destroy the `church’. At these times even the `tech’ will not protect you.

A person who is accused of being an SP will not receive any support from his or her `friends’, regardless of prior record, and can be the subject of the most humiliating treatment. The highest trained technical Scientologists (Class XII auditors) can be stripped of their certificates and forced to re-train on all of the levels, all in the name of Keeping Scientology Working. Officers and NCO’s are regularly `busted’ in rank and the most dedicated can spend time in the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), which separates family members and can be inhuman in its degradation. Interestingly, Hubbard said that it is suppressive people who are paranoid. (Ref: SHSBC-430).

The paranoid witch hunts that went through the management and staff of Scientology is something that deserves its own story.  The random twitching of the “E-meter” was enough to put anyone into the foul prison system of Scientology.   The face that Scientology shows the world is all smiles, but when we read the stories of the terrible abuse in this cult we can see the fangs and the snarl behind the beaming mask.  Another shrewd observation from John David Carter is that paranoia backs up the need to be a member of a protective group.

Like all religions and cults, Scientology offers answers and a purpose. It engenders a community type relationship where one is made to feel part of the group. A common enemy is seen to exist (Psychiatrists and other vested interest groups) and protection from them reinforces the need to support the group. Of course one will hear about the former members who are persecuted by the `church’, but one can dismiss this with thoughts such as:

“They must have done terrible things to deserve that treatment,” or
“They are obviously SPs,” or
“It would never happen to me.”

To read the essay on Scientology by  David John Carter go here: http://www.xenu.net/archive/disk/NOTs/djcarter.htm#ot

This is what Mark Plummer has to say one of the greatest witch hunts in the cult, the infamous “List One R/Sers”  when hundreds of staff members were thrown into the RPF for idiotic reasons.  Hubbard himself was behind the whole episode.  There are those cynical enough to suggest that this was done because of the need for cheap labor.  Scientology had large properties that needed renovation.


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