Ex-Scientologist story #150, Verdict of the jury: Scientology a fraud.

Julie Christofferson Titchbourne sued Scientology for fraud.  She won, which in itself is quite a feat considering what she was up against.  Later the amount would be reduced but nonetheless. it was a solid victory.  As in most cases against Scientology that get as far as the courtroom a lot of evidence was put on record showing just how nasty and evil this cult is.  Here some excerpts from THE OREGONIAN, Sunday, May 26, 1985,  Some Scientology Claims and some evidence.

* Representation: L. Ron Hubbard is a nuclear physicist, a civil engineer and holds a degree from George Washington University.

* Evidence: Hubbard attended George Washington University during 1930-32 but did not graduate.   His grades included an “F” in molecular anatomic phenomena, a “B” in civil engineering and a “D” in physics.

* Representation: L. Ron Hubbard is a graduate of Princeton University.

* Evidence: Hubbard while in the Navy attended a military government course given by the Navy on the Princeton campus during late 1944 and early 1945.

* Representations: L. Ron Hubbard was severely wounded in World War II and cured himself of being crippled and blind with Scientology techniques.

* Evidence: Hubbard never saw combat. He complained of a duodenal ulcer, arthritis, bursitis and conjunctivitis (an inflammation of the inner eyelids) and was granted a 40 percent Navy disability pension, which he still was receiving in 1973. He was granted 10 percent disability for conjunctivitis.

* Representation: Hubbard personally makes no more income from Scientology than a lowly Scientology staff member.

* Evidence: Plaintiff’s witnesses said Hubbard collected millions of dollars from Scientology, including a six-month period of aggressive income collection in 1982 when his net worth rose from $10 million to $44 million. The defense did not offer detailed income evidence.

* Representation: Scientology courses come with a money-back guarantee.

* Evidence: The church discourages refunds and people insisting on them are subject to being declared “suppressive persons.” Suppressives, according to a policy written by Hubbard, “may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”

* Representation: Scientology auditing improves creativity and increases personal intelligence by one IQ point for each hour of auditing.

* Evidence: Defense witnesses said auditing improved their creativity. No specific evidence was offered about IQ improvement per hour.

* Representations: Scientology processing can cure what they say are psychosomatic illnesses such as nearsightedness, arthritis, bursitis, allergies, plus criminal behavior, insanity, homosexuality and drug dependence.

* Evidence: Some defense witnesses said their eyesight had improved, some said theirs had not. Some defense witnesses also testified to improvement of allergies. The plaintiff did not offer expert testimony on these points.

* Representations: Titchbourne said she was told in 1975 that she could take college courses in architecture or civil engineering at the Delphian Foundation in Sheridan, that the foundation received government grants, that the college would be accredited in 1976 and that credits she earned could be transferred to any university in the nation.

* Evidence: No college courses were offered at the Delphian Foundation, and it did not become accredited as a college. The foundation received no government grants.

It was much easier at the time of this trial  for Scientology to get away with blatant misrepresentations of Hubbard and his cult.  The Net was put this information within easy grasp of anyone who wants to know.   On the gravestone of Scientology the epitaph could read, “Killed by Information.”

To read the rest of this story go here: http://www.lermanet.com/scientologynews/portland-titchbourne-1983.htm

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  1. Only the stupidest could think that Scientology is WRONG. Would you bother for Psychiatry? Do you like to lick your psychiatrist’s ass forever, regularly pay your tax on psycho meds, and being considered by your friends a psycho? That’s what you get, I’m sorry. Scientology is far away from your gamma-man psyches, you’re all fucking losers. No matter how many times you will spit on us, we see that you’re all goddamn losers and psychiatrist’s guinea pigs. Keep going on, losers. When you’ll understand that Psychiatry is only a scam, as government and many others, then you’ll know where the door is located.

    • LOL, this is either a Scientologist, a troll, or a moron who slipped his leash.

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