Ex-Scientologist story #152, lies and slander in England, Heber takes aim.

Richard and Bonnie Woods  are ex-Scientologists; Bonnie formerly a Sea Org’er on staff in LA and Richard a former public member who took the  Communications course, the Personal Integrity Course and some Book One auditing. They have done exit-counselling work and were a point of contact for people with a problem with Scientology in the UK. Since 1995 they have been involved in a hefty court battle: Scientology has passed out defamatory leaflets about them in their neighbourhood, as well as regular venomous articles in “Freedom”. Saint Hill’s one-time spokesman Peter Mansell went into an extremely hostile verbal denunciation of Bonnie on a programme on Irish TV, when she was not present and had not been mentioned. Most bizarrely of all, when Bonnie and Heber Jentsch were both guests on This Morning with Richard and Judy, a live TV show in the UK, Heber fired off a salvo of defamatory accusations, to the astonishment of the presenters.  The Woods decided to sue.

Hear Richard Woods in his own words on YouTube:

part two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trxYlBJT27U&feature=related

After six years of struggle they won a large settlement.  Scientology had suffered a terrible PR defeat and to add gall to the mixture they were forced to apologize to Bonnie and Richard.  This can be added to the lengthy foot-bullet list of Scientology.

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