Ex-Scientolgist story #157, Paul Grosswald

Paul Grosswald was recruited into the Church of Scientology 1989 during his sophomore year at Hofstra University. He was eighteen years old at the time.  During six months of intense indoctrination he became increasingly drawn to the group, until he ultimately dropped out of school, moved into the cult’s Manhattan compound, and signed a one-billion year employment contract with Scientology’s Sea Organization.

After finally breaking free from the cult’s influence, he returned to Hofstra where he earned a B.A. in Communications.

Today, Paul is a practicing attorney and works to enlighten individuals about Scientology, because:

1) Scientology endangers personal freedom and constitutional rights.

2) Scientology is a dangerous organization. It enforces policies which require its members to sever ties with their families.

3) Scientology uses destructive psychological techniques to intimidate followers into compliance. Scientologists are taught how to lie and deceive.

4) Many people are afraid to speak out against Scientology for fear of its widely demonstrated retaliatory methods.

The above was taken from a notice for a lecture that Paul gave in NYC in 2008

Paul testifies in a Scientology related court case, pt. one of four:

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