Ex-Scientologist story #156, “Snow White” in Canada.

In the early 1970’s L. Ron Hubbard put in operation a plan, named, “Snow White.”  The purpose of this was to remove or neutralize hostile information, by means of spies and infiltration, of government agencies so that Hubbard could move more freely in society without fear of arrest.  The biggest targets were agencies in the United States; Canada, however, was also heavily involved.  A series of sensational criminal trials took place in which Scientology was heavily fined.  Another case was one for libel that cost Scientology well over a million dollars.  All of this mired the name of Scientology firmly in the Canadian mud.

This story concerns the head of the Canadian Guardians Office, the part of Scientology that handled legal affairs, disaffected members and all the “dirty tricks” that the cult became notorious for.

Taken from the Toronto Sun, May 15, 1992,:

Scientologists Taught Crime OK

One of Scientology’s former top spy- masters testified she’d been trained to believe criminal actions which protected the church weren’t violations of Sciento- logy’s moral code.

Marion Evoy, a former Canadian head of Scientotogy’s Guardian Office, made the comment yesterday at the end of four days of testimony in the trial of the Church of Scientology of Toronto Inc. and five members on charges of criminal breach of trust.

The charges arise out of a Scientology spy network that in the mid-1970s infil- trated the RCMP, the OPP, Metro Police and Ontario’s Attorney General’s office.

Evoy, 43, who left the church a decade ago, has been testifying about her involve- ment in allegedly criminal Scientology in- telligence-gathering activities as part of an immunity agreement.

Yesterday Crown Attorney James Stewart asked Evoy how she reconciled her criminal activities with some of Scien- tology’s statements of principles regard- ing honesty and freedom.

“It was the way I was trained,” Evoy explained, adding she and her co-workers believed they should do “whatever was necessary to protect” Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology itself.

Criminal acts of that kind were “not considered against any code or moral in Scientology because you were protecting Scientology,” Evoy testified.

The following was cited in series Scientology in Canada that can be found here:


Marion Envoy, formerly Canada’s top official with Scientology, said [Ron] Hubbard believed there was a world-wide conspiracy against his church run by a band of former Nazis who had overtaken Interpol-the European-based International police organization. She said that Hubbard ordered a world-wide spy operation, code-named “Snow White”. Envoy said that as part of her spy training she was put in a closet with a set of lock picks and told to unlock the door.

This is what the Wikipedia has to say about Canada and Scientology:


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