Ex-Scientologist story #159, “hucksters as registrars,” & ” Bogus ethics cycles.

Phill Scott had reached on his training and/or processing level: OT 5. class 4, SP/PTS detection, HPE and I courses.  He was at 1975- 1986 COSMOD. Sacramento Org. ASHO and AOLA in LA Calif. Flub Land base in Clearwater Florida 1982-1986.  He came to Scientology in the first instance to learn how to study better so he took the “studen hat” couse.  But once he got his toe in the door it was hard to stop.  Of course he began to see the seamy underbelly of Scientology but felt the lure of the “next course” where better things might happen. He says:

But compromised myself promising… I would finish the current course and quit.. the next course was just a small step … always believing the bogus success stories of the members (now mostly gone and admitting those were short term wins at best, and that disaster was the general long term result).

Instead of getting better the opposite happened, he saw more and more.

 Dozens of examples. registration (asking for money) while pulled off the initial ‘training routines’..(self hypnotic) when one was vulnerable.)

Use of obvious hucksters as registrars at the mission, not as bad as at the orgs… those were true believers.

Bogus ethics cycles.

Hard sell. Staff cynical and derogatory about the public.. no call for that, it doesnt align with a legitimate operation.

More than a few of the upper level staff demonstrating vicious attitudes, and making judgements that were unwarranted by the facts…at the time I didnt know about all the insanity regarding the ‘space alien invasion’… these idiots would assume apparently that one was one of the invaders if you voiced any questions about ‘the technology’

Thinking of joining Scientology?  This is what Phill says about getting involved.

Stay away from the criminal cult of scientology… warn others away. Point out that its lower level ego appeal bait WORKS great…but the spring steel trap of lies will cut you half..as the scum bleeds you for every last dime, all that you can borrow, and all of your possessions.

For the rest of his statement go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?141

Phill was an early poster to the newsgroup alt.religion.Scientology.  Here he gives an interesting account of his early days online.


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