Ex-Scientologist story #163, War in Scientology.

In 1982 Bent Corydon attended a meeting of Scientology “mission” or franchises owners in Clearwater, Florida.  The focus of the meeting was to demand the reform of Scientology now that the infamous Guardians Office was disbanded after Mary Sue Hubbard and others went to jail for their role in the “Snow White” fiasco.  Bent owned the Riverside, CA mission that he had built up from nothing into a highly lucrative business.

Behind the scenes L. Ron Hubbard considered this meeting as an attack by suppressive forces like the drug companies and the communists, etc.  So he used this quasi-rebellion to loot and rob the mission holders.  It was his intention, one that was fulfilled, to put millions of dollars, not matter how illegal such transfers might be, into his own pockets.  From behind the curtain Hubard gave the orders; the tactics used were ruthless; one particularly venomous young man, David Miscavidge, took great  glee in the proceedings.  He was relatively unknown before that time.   This is what Jon Atack, in his book, “A Piece of Blue Sky,” said about one of the other mission holders:

On top of their normal ten percent tithe to the Scientology Church, the Mission Holders had been ordered to pay five percent for a promotional campaign to Bridge Publications. Samuels explained that he could not pay the additional tithe. His Missions were non-profit, tax-exempt corporations, and Bridge had been separated from the Church and made into a for-profit corporation, and such donations would be illegal. Samuels was taken into a side room by eight members of the International Finance Police, and given a “Gang Sec Check.” He was threatened with a “Suppressive declare” if he did not make “personal payments to L. Ron Hubbard.” So he handed over $20,000 and a $10,000 wrist watch to a Finance Policeman.

Samuels’ access to his Missions’ bank accounts was frozen. His wife was warned that she would have to “disconnect” from him if he was declared Suppressive. He was ordered to Flag, in Florida, to undergo more Security Checks, for which he had to pay $300 an hour.

Within a month Martin Samuels had paid $40,000 to the Scientology Church. This still was not enough, and he was ordered to the International Finance Police Ethics Officer at Flag. At the meeting, Samuels was told he had been declared Suppressive, and shown the confession of a Scientology executive who had admitted to being a transvestite with homosexual tendencies. Samuels claims that he was ordered to publicly confess to “acts that were similarly degrading.” Otherwise the Church would file both civil and criminal prosecutions against him that would keep him “tied up in court forever.” He was also warned that he would be watched and the Church would “keep tabs on him forever.”

Bent Corydon was similarly stripped of his money, of course he got mad, but he also got even.  He got together with Hubbard’s estranged son Ron DeWolfe, and wrote, L.RON HUBBARD, Messiah or Madman? This became, and still is, one of the most cutting books about L. Ron Hubbard ever written.  Scientology sued to prevent publication but lost, in the process making themselves look like stone age cretins.  

Here is a link to the book.


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Ex-Scientologist story #162, more abuse in the Sea Org.

Join the Sea Borg today! Become part of our hive.

Ann Marie Woodward found the outside world a bit hard to handle when she left Scientology.

It was not until I left Scientology that I even got an ID, a bank account, an apartment of my own, etc. For the first time in my life I was paying bills, filing taxes, paying rent – it was very tough after living in Scientology for 17 years. In fact, I was almost incapable of coping and meeting the needs being demanded of me by “real life”. It was so stressful.

I had been in what is called the Sea Organization in Scientology in Middle Management in LA where I lived and worked at the compound and was not allowed to have children and was very sheltered from the outside world. I was there from November 1985 (when I was just 16) until November 2002 (when I was 33). When I left, I was very much incapable of dealing in the outside world and am still growing up and learning (which many people having left Scientology have to do in order to survive and will say is a very tough road).

In 1994, I started to have suicidal ideation and migraines and lost so much weight that I got down to 103 pounds, hardly slept or ate and was at the lowest point of my life. My boss at the time in Scientology was literally a tyrant himself driven to that point through lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, too much caffeine and nicotine. He threw the contents of his in basket at me twice and once pinned me to the wall by my neck lifting my feet off of the ground and yelling in my face (this as a reaction to my walking by and telling him that something was done without specifying WHAT had been done). He never let me go home to sleep until he did which was usually between 2am and 5am and then I had to be up again at 7:30. This went on for a year and a half.

This is life in the Sea Org, the paramilitary group that rules Scientology.  Lack of sleep, overwork, high stress, poor nutrition and no medical care was par for the course.   Eventually this woman found her way out and connected with other former SO members.

Go here for the rest of her story: http://www.lermanet.com/ann-marie-woodward/index.htm

Ann Marie Woodward was able to provide some very interesting insights into the stats of Scientology.  From what she said we can draw some conclusions for how things looked for the cult in 2002.  The chickens were coming home to roost on the destruction of the Scientology missions a decade earlier.


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Ex-Scientologist story #161, “Letters to a Scientologist.”


This is the story of Sasha Zbitnoff and her attempts to communicate with some of the people she was raised with.

The search for the great life – is that so bad?  No crimes; no homeless; no abusive relationships; no wars; no miscommunications; no worries.  It’s all just empowered individuals building a better future and a happier life.  Like John Lennon’s Imagine, the quest for the enlightened life carries forward.

How would you like to be all knowing, all-powerful? Be able to exist anywhere at any time?  Speak with anyone, in any place?  Create and destroy worlds at the blink of an eye?  What if you learned this was within your grasp? It’s in you; it’s in each and every one of us?  Indeed, this is our natural state of existence – we’re just caught up in various distractions and games, but through a series of processes and exercises, each one of us could realize the greater abilities we already have.  That’s the quest of a Scientologist.

I was a Scientologist.  I was raised in Scientology.  I went to Scientology schools, had Scientology friends, and lived the Scientology life.  I was born into the Palace.  Hey, I chose my Scientology parents to ensure I was immediately on the enlightened path.  The second generation Scientologist – how lucky could I be?  By birthright, I’m in the company of Juliet Lewis (Actress), Giovanni Ribisi (Actor), and Sky Dayton (Founder of Earthlink).  I also participated in a community that consorted with the likes of John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Allie, Chick Corea, Jenna Elfman, Isaac Hayes, etc. etc. 

And yet… I left.  I left my family, friends, community, opportunity, and most importantly (from a Scientology perspective) – the enlightened path.  Why?  What did I miss? Or, from another angle, what have I seen that would turn me away from everything I knew, and risk it all?

This is my story – the story of a Scientology kid taking an honest look at the Church of Scientology, evaluating it all, and leaving it behind to start anew.  I will start my story by explaining Scientology, the world I knew, and the fundamental beliefs behind the Church.  I will then share my letters written to a current Scientologist (former high school classmate), which outline my journey from the committed Scientologist, to a lost soul re-building a life and future.

The perspective shown in this story is unusual, I have read many stories written by former members yet this one is in a class by itself.  To read the rest of it go here:  http://web.archive.org/web/20050503190557/http://www.helenandsasha.com/letters_to_a_scientologist-Table%20of%20Contents.htm

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Ex-Scientologist story #160, Dave Sweetland’s Disconnection Story

True Stories About a Nasy Cult.


Dave Sweetland was a member of the COS from October, 1969 until August 2000 when he  resigned.  Dave was declared a Suppressive Person in Sept 5,  2000.  He says:
My introduction to Scientology was from  Robert  “Vaughn” Young  who was teaching philosophy at the University of California – Davis in spring of 1969.

I was the tenth staff member in Martin Samuel’s “Davis Mission” which grew throughout the 70s to have Missions in Davis,  Sacramento, Portland, San Francisco as well as founding the Delphia “Foundation” which became the Delphi School in Sheridan, Oregon.  I was a Class IV auditor (literally thousands of hours “in the chair”) as well as Course Supervisor; and many knew me for the thousands of introductory lectures I gave. I completed OTIII in 1978 while working for “Artists International” Chic Corea’s management group with Martin & Diana Samuels, Paolo Lioni, Bruce Wiseman, Kevin Burke. . .

My relationship to Scientology was ambivalent throughout the 1980s, but I did try to get revolved again in the early and mid 1990s.  I went to the Freewinds in February of 1996 to seek help to “resolve my hypocrisy as a Scientologist.”  I was no longer “aboard on the same terms” as I used to be.  “Win or die in the attempt” was not the way I viewed Scientology.  An instructor with the attitude that “we would rather see you dead than incapable”  seemed a bit over the top to me.   After a week aboard the Freewinds and refusal to discuss my concerns I submitted my resignation from the COS while aboard the Freewinds.  This was greeted with the threat of SP declaration, which I unfortunately feared.  Our daughter was about to graduate from High School.  Our son was turning 16 in a week… I took being declared very seriously.  My wife worked for a Scientology company too.   Unfortunately I tacitly retracted my resignation as part of a “plea bargain” in which I agreed to sign a legal document which I first had to read into a video camera.

This, in the end, was not nearly enough for Scientology.  They declared him to be an SP.  His wife divorced him, his two adult children refused to have anything more to do with him.  Welcome to the wonderful world of L. Ron Hubbard and the world he planned for the rest of us.

To read the rest of Dave’s story, which appeared online, go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/Dave_Sweetland.html

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