Ex-Scientologist story #160, Dave Sweetland’s Disconnection Story

True Stories About a Nasy Cult.


Dave Sweetland was a member of the COS from October, 1969 until August 2000 when he  resigned.  Dave was declared a Suppressive Person in Sept 5,  2000.  He says:
My introduction to Scientology was from  Robert  “Vaughn” Young  who was teaching philosophy at the University of California – Davis in spring of 1969.

I was the tenth staff member in Martin Samuel’s “Davis Mission” which grew throughout the 70s to have Missions in Davis,  Sacramento, Portland, San Francisco as well as founding the Delphia “Foundation” which became the Delphi School in Sheridan, Oregon.  I was a Class IV auditor (literally thousands of hours “in the chair”) as well as Course Supervisor; and many knew me for the thousands of introductory lectures I gave. I completed OTIII in 1978 while working for “Artists International” Chic Corea’s management group with Martin & Diana Samuels, Paolo Lioni, Bruce Wiseman, Kevin Burke. . .

My relationship to Scientology was ambivalent throughout the 1980s, but I did try to get revolved again in the early and mid 1990s.  I went to the Freewinds in February of 1996 to seek help to “resolve my hypocrisy as a Scientologist.”  I was no longer “aboard on the same terms” as I used to be.  “Win or die in the attempt” was not the way I viewed Scientology.  An instructor with the attitude that “we would rather see you dead than incapable”  seemed a bit over the top to me.   After a week aboard the Freewinds and refusal to discuss my concerns I submitted my resignation from the COS while aboard the Freewinds.  This was greeted with the threat of SP declaration, which I unfortunately feared.  Our daughter was about to graduate from High School.  Our son was turning 16 in a week… I took being declared very seriously.  My wife worked for a Scientology company too.   Unfortunately I tacitly retracted my resignation as part of a “plea bargain” in which I agreed to sign a legal document which I first had to read into a video camera.

This, in the end, was not nearly enough for Scientology.  They declared him to be an SP.  His wife divorced him, his two adult children refused to have anything more to do with him.  Welcome to the wonderful world of L. Ron Hubbard and the world he planned for the rest of us.

To read the rest of Dave’s story, which appeared online, go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/Dave_Sweetland.html

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