Ex-Scientologist story #161, “Letters to a Scientologist.”


This is the story of Sasha Zbitnoff and her attempts to communicate with some of the people she was raised with.

The search for the great life – is that so bad?  No crimes; no homeless; no abusive relationships; no wars; no miscommunications; no worries.  It’s all just empowered individuals building a better future and a happier life.  Like John Lennon’s Imagine, the quest for the enlightened life carries forward.

How would you like to be all knowing, all-powerful? Be able to exist anywhere at any time?  Speak with anyone, in any place?  Create and destroy worlds at the blink of an eye?  What if you learned this was within your grasp? It’s in you; it’s in each and every one of us?  Indeed, this is our natural state of existence – we’re just caught up in various distractions and games, but through a series of processes and exercises, each one of us could realize the greater abilities we already have.  That’s the quest of a Scientologist.

I was a Scientologist.  I was raised in Scientology.  I went to Scientology schools, had Scientology friends, and lived the Scientology life.  I was born into the Palace.  Hey, I chose my Scientology parents to ensure I was immediately on the enlightened path.  The second generation Scientologist – how lucky could I be?  By birthright, I’m in the company of Juliet Lewis (Actress), Giovanni Ribisi (Actor), and Sky Dayton (Founder of Earthlink).  I also participated in a community that consorted with the likes of John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Allie, Chick Corea, Jenna Elfman, Isaac Hayes, etc. etc. 

And yet… I left.  I left my family, friends, community, opportunity, and most importantly (from a Scientology perspective) – the enlightened path.  Why?  What did I miss? Or, from another angle, what have I seen that would turn me away from everything I knew, and risk it all?

This is my story – the story of a Scientology kid taking an honest look at the Church of Scientology, evaluating it all, and leaving it behind to start anew.  I will start my story by explaining Scientology, the world I knew, and the fundamental beliefs behind the Church.  I will then share my letters written to a current Scientologist (former high school classmate), which outline my journey from the committed Scientologist, to a lost soul re-building a life and future.

The perspective shown in this story is unusual, I have read many stories written by former members yet this one is in a class by itself.  To read the rest of it go here:  http://web.archive.org/web/20050503190557/http://www.helenandsasha.com/letters_to_a_scientologist-Table%20of%20Contents.htm

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