Ex-Scientologist story #162, more abuse in the Sea Org.

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Ann Marie Woodward found the outside world a bit hard to handle when she left Scientology.

It was not until I left Scientology that I even got an ID, a bank account, an apartment of my own, etc. For the first time in my life I was paying bills, filing taxes, paying rent – it was very tough after living in Scientology for 17 years. In fact, I was almost incapable of coping and meeting the needs being demanded of me by “real life”. It was so stressful.

I had been in what is called the Sea Organization in Scientology in Middle Management in LA where I lived and worked at the compound and was not allowed to have children and was very sheltered from the outside world. I was there from November 1985 (when I was just 16) until November 2002 (when I was 33). When I left, I was very much incapable of dealing in the outside world and am still growing up and learning (which many people having left Scientology have to do in order to survive and will say is a very tough road).

In 1994, I started to have suicidal ideation and migraines and lost so much weight that I got down to 103 pounds, hardly slept or ate and was at the lowest point of my life. My boss at the time in Scientology was literally a tyrant himself driven to that point through lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, too much caffeine and nicotine. He threw the contents of his in basket at me twice and once pinned me to the wall by my neck lifting my feet off of the ground and yelling in my face (this as a reaction to my walking by and telling him that something was done without specifying WHAT had been done). He never let me go home to sleep until he did which was usually between 2am and 5am and then I had to be up again at 7:30. This went on for a year and a half.

This is life in the Sea Org, the paramilitary group that rules Scientology.  Lack of sleep, overwork, high stress, poor nutrition and no medical care was par for the course.   Eventually this woman found her way out and connected with other former SO members.

Go here for the rest of her story: http://www.lermanet.com/ann-marie-woodward/index.htm

Ann Marie Woodward was able to provide some very interesting insights into the stats of Scientology.  From what she said we can draw some conclusions for how things looked for the cult in 2002.  The chickens were coming home to roost on the destruction of the Scientology missions a decade earlier.


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