Ex-Scientologist story #163, War in Scientology.

In 1982 Bent Corydon attended a meeting of Scientology “mission” or franchises owners in Clearwater, Florida.  The focus of the meeting was to demand the reform of Scientology now that the infamous Guardians Office was disbanded after Mary Sue Hubbard and others went to jail for their role in the “Snow White” fiasco.  Bent owned the Riverside, CA mission that he had built up from nothing into a highly lucrative business.

Behind the scenes L. Ron Hubbard considered this meeting as an attack by suppressive forces like the drug companies and the communists, etc.  So he used this quasi-rebellion to loot and rob the mission holders.  It was his intention, one that was fulfilled, to put millions of dollars, not matter how illegal such transfers might be, into his own pockets.  From behind the curtain Hubard gave the orders; the tactics used were ruthless; one particularly venomous young man, David Miscavidge, took great  glee in the proceedings.  He was relatively unknown before that time.   This is what Jon Atack, in his book, “A Piece of Blue Sky,” said about one of the other mission holders:

On top of their normal ten percent tithe to the Scientology Church, the Mission Holders had been ordered to pay five percent for a promotional campaign to Bridge Publications. Samuels explained that he could not pay the additional tithe. His Missions were non-profit, tax-exempt corporations, and Bridge had been separated from the Church and made into a for-profit corporation, and such donations would be illegal. Samuels was taken into a side room by eight members of the International Finance Police, and given a “Gang Sec Check.” He was threatened with a “Suppressive declare” if he did not make “personal payments to L. Ron Hubbard.” So he handed over $20,000 and a $10,000 wrist watch to a Finance Policeman.

Samuels’ access to his Missions’ bank accounts was frozen. His wife was warned that she would have to “disconnect” from him if he was declared Suppressive. He was ordered to Flag, in Florida, to undergo more Security Checks, for which he had to pay $300 an hour.

Within a month Martin Samuels had paid $40,000 to the Scientology Church. This still was not enough, and he was ordered to the International Finance Police Ethics Officer at Flag. At the meeting, Samuels was told he had been declared Suppressive, and shown the confession of a Scientology executive who had admitted to being a transvestite with homosexual tendencies. Samuels claims that he was ordered to publicly confess to “acts that were similarly degrading.” Otherwise the Church would file both civil and criminal prosecutions against him that would keep him “tied up in court forever.” He was also warned that he would be watched and the Church would “keep tabs on him forever.”

Bent Corydon was similarly stripped of his money, of course he got mad, but he also got even.  He got together with Hubbard’s estranged son Ron DeWolfe, and wrote, L.RON HUBBARD, Messiah or Madman? This became, and still is, one of the most cutting books about L. Ron Hubbard ever written.  Scientology sued to prevent publication but lost, in the process making themselves look like stone age cretins.  

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