Ex-Scientolgist story #165, Fraud & lies in Hubbard’s navy.

Scott Mayer at the binnacle.

Scott Mayer, a former member of the US Navy, testified in a number of court cases concerning Scientology.  This particular affidavit was entered in support of Uwe Geertz as part of the aftermath of the Fishman case.  He states the following:

I had been on perhaps 20 different S.O. missions for L. Ron Hubbard (“Hubbard”). I had operated directly under Hubbard’s authority.  I ran his ships, trained his missionaires, and trained Sea Organization (“Sea Org”) members.

As always, wherever Scientology or Hubbard were around fraud was close at hand.

In the course of being part of Scientology’s ship master’s program, I learned that the ships always had fraudulent licenses and papers. Such phony papers included radio licenses, ship’s papers, records, crew certifications, seaman’s certificates and other such matters. For this purpose, Scientology used Pat Hunter, a woman who lived in South America. She had an excellent command of the Spanish language and customs and would go to the Panamanian authorities and act as the intermediary between Operation Transport Corporation (Hubbard’s personal holding company) and the Panamanian consulate.  As a result of various subterfuges, we did not even have to provide proof that people had successfully completed various training programs to get certificates. Pat would just go to the consulate, give them some money, get the books made up and have them officially stamped. When a new crew member was posted to a ship, Pat would take the papers down to the consulate and have them authorized: ship’s papers, seaman’s papers, etc.

The illegal conduct involved in Hubbard’s ships included receiving a percentage of money from all of the S.O. organizations in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the world. In exchange for this money, people would come on board the ship from all over the world and be trained on various basic Sea Org procedures, basic staff hatting procedures and then be sent back to their home organizations to assume Scientology posts. At this time, I floated back and forth between the ships in various executive positions and other posts concerning the Los Angeles Flag Operations Liaison office activities. At various times I was responsible for preparing mission orders and briefing couriers that would smuggle money out of the United States. I was also responsible for sending various other missionares to various parts of the country to go into Scientology organizations and force them to make more and more money. This was basically a form of “Regging.”

Prior to the establishment of the Flag Land base in Clearwater, I actually saw the area on the Apollo where the Guardian’s office financial people were engaged in a massive invoice altering project.  My belief and understanding of the reason for the project was that discrepancies that could have been discovered between money `regged’ or obtained from Scientology organizations in the United States and when it arrived on the Apollo, having previously been diverted in part to various accounts in Luxembourg, ,Switzerland or other countries.

Scott then went on to list some of the other scams that were used by Scientology.  For the rest of the affidavit go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/aff_sm.html

His testimony at the Clearwater Hearings in 1982 shocked many people, here is pt. one.

Here is pt. two.


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