Ex-Scientologist story #164, the crimes of the Canberra Org.

True Stories of a Nasty Cult.

Pertti Muhli took some introductory courses in 1989 at the Canberra Org. and was hounded relentlessly ever after.  Pertti was a public member for a while before going on staff for a short time.  In bringing this complaint forward Pertti knew that some heat would be taken from the cult afterwards but did so anyway.

The information herein is correct and for the public interest. Anyone interested in joining this group should be made aware of what they may face. The information cannot be regarded as defamatory because the reputation of these people and the Co$ in Canberra is so bad that it cannot be damaged. Besides, I doubt any judge who has sufficient knowledge on Co$ would accept their credibility.

The money-grubbing Scientologists tried their usual tricks to latch on to any money they can, lies are often part of their game.

Another incident was on Wednesday July 7 1999. Ana [Detheridge] rang my phone number, my mother answered the phone. She lied to my mother by telling her she was staff from university. As I walked in the door she was still on the phone to my mother. My mother gave me the phone telling me it’s someone from university. I then spoke to Ana and she invited me in because she wanted assistance because there had been suppression on the lines. I told her I was too busy and I am not coming in. I don’t quite trust these people.

Again, the matter of reputation came up:

Recently, one ACTION bus driver who I bumped into at the shops, asked me if I was involved in that mob in town. I said yes. He said he saw me going up there from his bus. He called them thieves and that he knew they’d have me sucked in when he saw me go up there. Just shows what their reputation is.

To read more of this case go here:  http://www.skeptictank.org/gagreqst.htm

Here is some more on just how daft and crazy the culties down-under are.  http://www.suburbia.com.au/~fun/scn/orgs/canb/

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