Ex-Scientologist story #167 A teenage girl in the RPF.

All Hail Xenu !

Bea Kiddo was born to parents who were both Scientologist staff members, this was in the late ’70’s and ’80’s.  Translated into English that means she spent much less time than a normal child would with her parents and got a far worse education.  Eventually her father was given the Order of the Boot and thrown out of Scientology, her mother divorced him, of course and promptly drove to LA to join the Sea Org.  Which meant that any semblance to a normal childhood was now gone. Even when she did see her mom things were not that good. 

I remember many times when she would come for family time and just sleep. Or just stare off into space. I asked her “what are you thinking about?” and she would tell me “post” and I would ask if she always thinks about post on family time, does she think about her family on post time? (thinking that maybe she thought of us sometimes? Maybe for a little bit?). No answer. I felt so ignored.

In 1989 she joined the Sea Org thinking that anything would be better than where she was at back then.  But things did get worse soon after she joined the Sea Org.  It didn’t take long for her to end up inside the RPF, the notorious prison system within Scientology.

But, as you already know from earlier parts of my story, I am really good at getting myself in trouble. And so, I ended up on the RPF’s RPF. I think maybe twice or three times? I can’t remember. I got to clean rats alley every day. That is a place under the galley in the PAC building (the big blue one on Sunset/Fountain, etc in Hollywood). It is about 5 feet high, so you have to bend over to walk through it. It is huge. At that time, it was flooded with who knows what nastiness and so me and a couple others were down there cleaning/killing roaches. The walls were just covered in roaches. I finally figured out I could spray them with a hose with bleach pouring onto the spray and I would not have to get too close to them.

We also had to pound the solid concrete floor inside where the current CLO is (behind AOLA) for hours. That was where the old hospital used to do testing on animals and they put them on these concrete blocks in cages so they could turn on a shower to clean them all. That was so tiring.

And we had to dig out all the dirt for the parking lot across from the HGB to build the transformer building. I almost permanently damaged my back doing that. I was shovelling dirt all day long and the next day I could barely breath. My in charge checked out my back and told me it was all purple and swollen on one side. So I went to a Scn doctor and they told me that I ripped all the muscles in my back and dislocated two ribs! (I was 16 I think). I wonder if I had gone to a WOG doctor, what would they have thought of all that?

Eventually she found her way out of the RPF and into the mainstream of the SO.  She became a course supervisor in 1991 and tried to get along as well as she could, but the were some speed bumps on the bridge.

Somewhere in that same time period, two of the staff members went Type III (Insane) and had to be cared for constantly. They put together a another team to care for them. But I had to help on that to some degree too. I felt so bad for them. One of them was a BIG problem because he was violent, couldn’t sleep and refused to eat. We tried in many ways to give him sedatives but he refused them. We finally put it in gel form and put in peanut butter sandwich and he ate it and then he figured out what we did and he went nuts all over again. Poor guy.

She got married and not knowing much about birth control she got pregnant which is frowned upon in the SO.

We did not have money for abortion, so I called my grandmother, who was not a Scientologist and lied to her and asked her for money, which she sent me. (Later she found out what it was used for, and was not happy about it at all). And so we went ahead with the abortion. While in the Sea Org, you are really made to think that these things are what you want.

These are only samples of a long story that covered thirty years in Scientology.  She has many interesting, and some downright terrible, things to say.  From the outside looking in it is as if the ranking staff of the Sea Org were recruited from a mental hospital or a county jail.  

For the rest of the story go here: http://exscn.net/content/view/64/104/1/3/

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  1. “From the outside looking in it is as if the ranking staff of the Sea Org were recruited from a mental hospital or a county jail.”

    Or born and raised on the island of Lord of the Flies.

  2. ban the cult
    no more tax free charge
    this is no religion this is big money and slavery

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