Sex in Scientology, -the tone scale is not a vibrator.

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The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology

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Jesse Prince, update.

To read Jesse’s blog here is the link:

Here is Jesse in Germany at the Hamburg Symposium of 2010.



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Ex-Scientolgist story #169, Jesse Prince, Welcome to the RPF.

True Stories of a Fake Religion.

Jessie Prince made it close to the top in Scientology, at one time he was Inspector General, Ext., RTC.  Here he says in his own words about his introduction to the bridge in Scientology. 

My auditing in Scientology started at the big blue Scientology complex in Los Angeles, the complex that used to be Cedars of Lebanon Hospital before Scientology bought it. . This was back in 1976. At that time I had been in Scientology for less than four months and I didn’t like it. So I told a guy named Wayne Marple that I wanted to leave Scientology and the Sea Org. Wayne was a member of the Commodore’s Messenger Org, or CMO, which meant it was like talking directly to LRH himself when you talked to Wayne. I was only twenty-two, and I sure didn’t know anything about how the CMO or the Sea Org worked.

Now you have to understand that what I didn’t know at the time was this: Wayne Marple was in charge of renovating the entire complex of buildings that Scientology had just purchased for cash. He needed a huge construction crew, and he wasn’t about to let anyone go once he had his hands on them. That included me.

Within minutes of my announcement, I was hauled away by no less than five Sea Org guys, all RPFers, who locked me in a room. They told me the only way I would be allowed to leave Scientology or the Sea Org was via the Rehabilitation Project Force – the RPF. I thought this was a joke. There was no way I could be held prisoner by these people I hardly knew. My first thought was to escape and run to the police. But I couldn’t get away. I was physically hauled off to the RPF and there was nothing I could do. I was a little skinny kid back then. These were big, strong, crazy guys who took me away and I was scared of them.

As the days and weeks went by I came to feel there was no escape for me. I was under guard day and night, locked in a room on the seventh floor of the building known as Lebanon Hall, writing up O/Ws under orders of Wayne Marple. Being just barely twenty-two, I started to freak out. I told my captors I just wanted to go home. I begged them to please just let me leave. But these RPFers just laughed. They told me I had to do the RPF auditing program to get out and the sooner I started it the sooner I’d get out. I tried to explain to them that I didn’t want auditing or Scientology at all, that it was not for me, but to no avail. Emotional trauma aside, I decided I had to start doing something to get out and if that something was auditing, then I’d better get started.

That was how I got started on the Bridge to Total Freedom.

There are a number of videos of Jesse Prince on YouTube, here is one from Clearwater, 1998:

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