Ex-Scientologist story #170, “I reject that Scientology is a science.”

True Stories About a Fake Religion.


Mac Stevens of Newport, Oregon, wrote a long letter to renouncing his membership in Scientology, he did this in 20008 on the anniversary of the death of Lisa McPherson.   This is a rather long manifesto so I will just give a few samples of what he had to say.

I’ve been a Scientologist practically all my life.  I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own hard-earned money on Scientology.  I’ve spent years studying Scientology courses.  I’m risking losing many friends.  I’m risking the Church ordering my own mother to never speak to me.  Speaking out as I am is not a
choice I made without much painful consideration.  I’m putting my ass on the line, looking like a traitor to Scientologists and looking like a brainwashed fool to everyone else.

I reject that Scientology is a science.  It is a science in the sense that it is an organized body of knowledge.  But in other subjects commonly known as sciences, such as chemistry or mathematics, the scientific method is continuously employed.  This means posing new hypotheses and trying new experiments to more accurately confirm or deny the hypotheses.  Testing and
questioning is ongoing.  No law is sacred.  Anything is open for revision if new observation warrants it.  In Scientology, this is not allowed.  So it’s misleading to call Scientology a science.  If you corrupted a math book or a chemistry book that was in use, sooner or later, the corruption would lead to a failure in practice and the corruption would be traced down and corrected.  And anyone competent in the field could do that.  Applied mathematics and chemistry, by the way, can be very dangerous.  But this does not warrant the existence of a central authority to keep math and chemistry pure, to own the trademarks on the square root symbol, the periodic table of the elements, “Mathematics(TM)”, “Chemistry(TM)”, or “Chemist(TM)”.. .

Mac has questions, a lot of them, here are a few:

 What kind of friend would leave you because someone else told them they had to?

    Why is there not an early-detection system for Suppressive Persons?  Why does it take ten or twenty years sometimes to discover them?
    Are your statistics more important than you?  When you’re upset, who is there for you, free of charge?  When you succeed at something you really wanted to do yourself, who cares?

If all you cared about was doing the right thing, you didn’t care who was looking, what would you be doing?  How much of what you are doing is based on following orders or going with the flow, and how much is based on what you truly believe to be right?  Why do you need so many orders?

    How many bulk mail items do you receive?  How many phone calls?  How many e-mails?  Do you want them?

    How many HCOBs do you know of that you seriously doubt that LRH wrote?  Did you verify he did?  How did you verify it?

    What are your crimes?  Hmmmm?  Think about it.  What are your crimes, really?  Ok, scratch that.  Answer this.  How do your crimes stack up against your contributions?

For the full document go here: http://home.earthlink.net/~stevensm/scn/scn_open_ltr_2008_12_05.txt

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