Ex-Scientologist story #171, disconnection & “fair game.”

True Stories from a Nasty Cult.


Tom Padgett was a “Clear” in Scientology besides taking a number of other courses.  He studied Scientology at the Baton Rouge Mission, Clearwater Mission, FLAG, Cincinnati Org, and FCDC in Wash.DC.  He was a member for nine years, 1978 – 1987.  He says of his reasons for quiting Scientology:

I left in October of 1987. I remember the day well. It was a beautiful day in Washington, DC. Several Sea Org dudes were up from FLAG at the FCDC Org. They held me in a room for several hours trying to ‘handle’ my stall on the bridge. As a last resort they wanted me go online with the Celeb. Ctr, there in D.C. since I was strongly resisting, and resenting, their too in-your-face reg cycles. I recall, asking the 3 guys, ‘What’s the deal with the Navy Uniforms?’ I had told them that I had a year of Naval Reserve Officers Candidate schooling and was put off by the garb. They got snippy with me and I said ‘That’s it, I am out of here!’

 Upon leaving Scientology his Hubbard-bot wife disconnected from him and also withheld their children from seeing him.  This led to court hearings and the predictable “fair game'” by the sleazy cult.  They did everything they could to smear Tom, take his employment away and have him thrown into jail on bogus charges.  As usual in such cases Scientology behaved like total cretins and gathered up for themselves a large amount of negative publicity.  Here is Tom on the
Here is the rest of Tom’s exit statement: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?9

And here is Tom’s website in which he gives details in the legal fight he had with Scientology.  http://www.madvillelaw.net/index.htm



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