Ex-Scientologist story #174, “Insane Orders.”



In a post on ARS, Jan. 22, 1998. Larry Nobs, a former Scientology offical, tells why he quit the cult. 

I had married a scientologist in my early years and had two children. Over a year ago I received a disconnection notice from my oldest child. At 16 years of age she was going to sign a seven year work contract for about $2 an hour pay. I told her I didn’t care what her religion was but joining staff was a bad idea.

Bang! Disconnect Notice – Goodbye Forever.

Well this past week I received letter number one from my son.

He is 15 years of age and plans on signing a five year contract this summer.

Everyone who knows the scientology pts/sp handling policy can tell you that when you get letter number one – the game is over. It doesn’t matter how eloquent or convincing you might be – the organization has the child under control.

Your responses are culled for any negative comments or sarcasm.

You have two choices. Either compromise your integrity and agree it is ok to join the organization and promise to never speak your mind again or lose communication with your loved one.

It’s almost funny after all these years that the readings I did still ring in my head.

I started to remember the Code of Honour.

Never compromise your own integrity.

Never fear to hurt another in a just cause.

I am following the code now.

I am sure they will not let my son read this posting, but then again the same is probably true of the hand written letter. But I will respond to his letter.

Son I know you now believe you are helping the only group on the planet who has a chance to save the world.

It is admirable that your heart is in theright place. But you do not truely know this group. The world is large and if you feel you want to benefit mankind with self-sacrificing work there are many groups which would welcome your help.

If everything which was written by Ron Hubbard were true the common man would have rallied behind his work and after more than 40 years we would be well on our way to a world without crime and without insanity.

Millions of people have walked through scientology’s doors and when they found contradiction upon contradiction and heavy handed sales techniques and extreme peer pressure they left.

If a lifetime is a wink of an eye, then I can surely wait a few years for you to discover this for yourself.

I will give all of you a brief history then sign off. I got involved in scientology at 13 years of age. I joined the sea organization at 15 years of age at flag operations office western United States. I was sent home after a summers work, because of the legal situation of not being 16 years of age and Hollywood High School would not admit me without my legal guardian living in Los Angeles.

I went back in 1976 and held the jobs of deputy flag representative ASHO Day, deputy flag representative AOLA, and deputy flag representative St.Louis.

I left when I received the new game for the year, which is the orders/goals for the new year. My understanding was that while these orders were tough to achieve, with extraordinary work we could achieve them. It was my job to enforce these orders. We were to clear the planet in one year, which basically means that the entire world would either join scientology and move up to a certain spiritual level or the great majority would accomplish this and be able to affect everyone else by their presence.

I could not reconcile within myself that I was supposed to enforce orders which I believed to be completely insane.

Larry Nobs


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