Ex-Scientologist story #176, -Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy!

True Stories about a Nasty Cult.

Nancy Many was many different things in Scientology.  She was the earnest student who poured over Hubbard’s writings, she was a public (non-staff or Sea Org) member, she became a Sea Org member who signed a billion year contract, she sold Scientology books, she sold Scientology courses.  She was also a spy for Scientology.

During the mid 1970’s Nancy Many worked in deep, cold, undercover work in the Massachusetts Attorney Generals Office doing intern volunteer work in the consumer affairs division.  This was very useful for Scientology to find out who was complaining before their complaints reached the ears of the state or got into the courts.  Scientology could often shut these people up or at least reach a quiet settlement without any negative PR.  She was working in the Guardians Office,  or “GO”, which handled all the legal work, as well as dealing with disgruntled former members, snooping reporters, angry parents and the like.  They also hired PI’s and sued people to shut them up.

After “Snow White*” in which her boss Mary Sue Hubbard went to prison, the Guardians Office was disbanded and, according to Scientology, the rogue elements were sent packing.  Only they weren’t.  OSA, the Office of Special Affairs took over the responsibilities of the old GO.  Old wine was put into new bottles.  Later Nancy would spy for OSA, this time her assignment was to penetrate the circle of people who were sick of the Scientology leadership but who still craved Hubbard.  These were independent Scientologists; as competitors they were seen a huge threat and consequently they were hated much worse than mere anti-Scientology critics.

Eventually Scientology began to wreck its toll on Nancy.  At one point she was thrown into their internal prison system, the RPF or Rehabilitation Project Force where she led a miserable dog’s life.  She was sent there because of a needle swing on the E-meter.  That was the reason given but it was really just another wave of paranoia that gripped Hubbard and eventually swept through the entire organisation.  Security checks were the order of the day with intrusive, often weird questions looking for spies working for the drug companies, the FBI or CIA.

Nancy felt her mind begin to crack under the stress of years of overwork, lack of sleep and incredible stress.  When she took her fears and questions to Scientology, to the people to whom she looked for answers what did she get?  She got nothing, nothing at all.  Then it began to dawn on her, Scientology didn’t help her because they couldn’t.  They couldn’t help anyone in fact, it was all a big scam.

Nance got out.  Not only did she leave she began to warn others of Scientology.  Here she is talking on YouTube about her journey to freedom:

Nancy wrote a book about her time in Scientology,  it is a lot more than a simple “get even” book.  It is a harrowing, in-depth account of predators in fake naval uniforms and the mad tech of a paranoid would-be messiah.

* For the Wikipedia account of Snow White go here:


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Secret Lives, the real story of L. Ron Hubbard.

Hubbard told many stories, some he got paid a penny a word for when he wrote pulp fiction.  Later he wrote fiction and called it Scientology; for this he was paid millions.

To his adherents, most of them very young,  he was the next thing to God almighty.  He loved to tell them stories of his early life which was full of high adventure.  To this day Scientology recounts his stunning exploits as a mere boy who grew into a war hero and then a messiah.

Beyond claims and assertions what was true?  What was provable?  Here a number of people, some who knew him best, talk about Hubbard’s life.

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