Ex-Scientologist story #177, First clear: Hubbard as engaging in “spiritual tyranny.”

John McMaster, known as the first real clear, joined the long and sorry list of people who were raised up on high by the Great Thetan, only to be tossed unto the next garbage dump.  If you follow the life of Hubbard, the historical one not the sanitized version of Scientology, you can’t fail to see this pattern of betrayal.  No wonder Hubbard died alone in hiding.

John McMaster, who joined Scientology in the 1960s,  was a charismatic promoter and lecturer, and key aide to Hubbard.  John did a lot of the work that helped fill Hubbard’s coffers.   He became the chosen ambassador of Scientology, lending to it his personal image of competence, gentleness and love. Among his accomplishments for Hubbard was the creation of the Power Processes – Grade 7 on the Scientology grade chart. Hubbard promoted him to “Pope” in 1966, a title not to endure. And though Hubbard’s income soared, McMaster received none of it.  Hubbard was never much on sharing money, no matter who it was.

In a 1970 LA Times article John spoke of Hubbard as a paranoid dictator:

One year ago an articulate but soft-spoken man named John McMaster was extolling the virtues of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the worldwide quasi-scientific “religion.”

Appearing on television talk shows and giving lectures as Hubbard’s personal representative, McMaster was eminently qualified. He was the first person to achieve Scientology’s state of “clear,” which purportedly give a person full control of his mental processes.

Now McMaster describes the Church of Scientology and other organizations run by Hubbard as engaging in “spiritual tyranny.”

“Ron was always busy getting everybody looking beyond the mulberry bush for a nonexistent enemy,” said McMaster in a recent interview.

To read the rest of the article go here: http://www.lermanet.com/scientologynews/latimes/lat-mcmaster-101070.htm

For the epilogue of John McMaster in George Malko’s book, “Scientology: The Now Religion,” go here: http://www.lermanet.com/malko/epilogue.htm

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