Ex-Scientologist story #178, Memoirs of an Ex-Guardian.

True Stories of an Evil Cult.


Gary Weber was a devoted Scientologist who held a high position in Scientology.  Too bad for him that his loyalty and ability only made it more likely that he would suffer the full range of degradations that Scientology had to offer.  His story is a sad, but that is not unusual considering the group he belonged to.  Both in Hubbard’s time and in the more recent reign of David Miscavige.  Scientology executives were treated worse than felons in prison.  Here are some samples of what he had to say:

 I was in the Church’s Guardian’s Office (which is now renamed the Office of Special Affairs) and it was our job to attack, subdue, annihilate any critics or anyone in opposition to the Church of Scientology. I was trained in L. Ron Hubbard’s specific policy letters called “The Guardian Orders” which perfected these tools of fear and suppression to silence those who were critical or antagonistic to Scientology. So you see it’s much easier for me to not tell this story and pretend that it never happened, than to speak out, be sued, and become the target of L. Ron Hubbard’s Black PR campaigns.

When I signed my billion-year contract to the Sea Org, I truly believed what L. Ron Hubbard wrote about and how he was the first spiritual leader in millions of years to have developed “the tech” which will save all mankind and stop the dwindling spiral of planet earth. LRH wrote how there were evil people in the world called S.P’s (Suppressive Persons) and they were trying to stop Scientology’s goal of “Clearing the Planet.” They had to be “removed” so LRH had set up the Guardian’s Office with Mary Sue Hubbard as the head Guardian. 

Nancy Reitze was the Guardian of the Flag Land Base in Clearwater. Milton Wolfe was the Assistant Guardian of Public Relations, with his wife Laura Wolfe as his assistant. The intelligence office or “Info Bureau” was filled with staff; Kora Ritchie or her husband Rich Ritchie was the Assistant Guardian of Intelligence. They also had Doug and Nancy Sadwick who really did the undercover work, which I never was allowed to know. I just remember Doug going to jail for some kind of grand jury investigation and his refusal to cooperate with authorities. I was never allowed to visit Doug while he was in jail. I was told that I was desperately needed to continue my hard work to stop the evil SP’s from doing in planet Earth. . .

Randy Baxter and Molly Baxter also worked in the Info Bureau however Molly took Nancy Reitze’s position of the Flag Guardian when Nancy went “over the rainbow” (some secret place where LRH was.) Another lady by the name of Nancy or Diane Bush also worked “Internal Intelligence.” Internal Intelligence was really an underhanded way of collecting personal “auditing files” and ethics files of Scientology parishioners. GO Intelligence staff would go through these folders and look for anyone disaffected or a “possible trouble source” within the church. In the expeditor unit I was always getting parishioner’s “Confidential PC Files” for the Internal Info Bureau folks. Info Bureau had tons of files on people inside the Church as well as outside the Church. Whenever a “Dead Agent Package” was needed to discredit any foe of the Church it could easily be prepared with all these confidential files. At first I was shocked that the GO would use trusted or “sacred” personal files against our own people, but in the name of saving the planet it was justified.

It almost goes without saying that Gary got thrown into the RPF, the internal prison system that Hubbard designed for the further torment of his followers.  His wife also joined that miserable band of sufferers.  But wait, that was not all, he got the full disconnection treatment from family members.  At last he managed to get out of Scientology with the help of a Clearwater man who took pity on him.  When he left Scientology he had little more than the clothes on his back.

The full statement of Gary Weber is worth taking the time to read.  It is a slice of real history and real Scientology. 


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