Astounding Science Fiction, Nov. 1938

L. Ron Hubbard made a name for himself back when he wrote for a penny a word.  He craved fame and he got a good measure of it, at least in the area of pulp fiction.  But of course that was insufficient for his ego.   He had to have more, and that was what he got.  Alas, his fame became infamy: he died alone and in hiding.

"The Tramp," by L. Ron Hubbard, pt. 3 of 3

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Ex-Scientologist story #179, Former roomate of DM, “He was a jerk even then.”

Mark Fisher’s story has a familiar ring to it.  Like others in this series he was a devoted Scientologist who joined the Sea Org where his abilities earned him an executive position.  However, and this is a big “however,” being at the top in Scientology is a lot like being the rodent who pops his head out of the hole in a Chuck El Cheese game and gets pounded with a mallet.  At one time it has Hubbard who did the whacking, now it is Davy Miscavige.  Suffice to say that Mark got the full measure of Scientology meanness.  He was put into the RPF, their nasty internal prison system and later on he got hit by Miscavige so hard that blood flowed.  His wife was thrown into the RPF too, Scientology was more successful in breaking her spirit than Mark so when he left she stayed in the cult.

I had gotten involved a year or so before after reading the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. I was a shy teenager and my Dad thought it would do me some good.

After my first auditing (counseling session) I was completely hooked. I was able  to resolve some problems and some emotions that were bothering me at the time and it made me feel ecstatic and light headed! I wanted to learn and get more.

Throughout my high school years, I worked during the summer time and saved my money so that I could buy auditing during the fall and winter months. My Dad thought I would appreciate what I was doing more if I paid for it myself. He helped me a little bit, but I ended up paying for almost 100 hours of auditing through my summer jobs and moved up the Grade Chart through Dianetics and my Expanded Grade 4. All done before I graduated high school.

It was during my senior year in High School that I met Greg and Sandy Wilhere at the Washington DC Organization where I was doing my processing. They were the first Sea Org members I had ever met and I was completely impressed. Before long, I looked up to them and wanted to be like them.

It wasn’t long before I wanted to drop my plans of going to College (I was accepted at the University of Virginia, Syracuse University and USC in LA) and instead join the Sea Organization and sign a billion year contract.

After high school graduation, I joined the Sea Org in this new place – the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida. This was the summer of 1976 and the Sea Org had recently moved there. I had high hopes of meeting and working with L. Ron Hubbard.

One of my roommates in the Sea Org was a 16 year old guy who had just dropped out of High School to join. His name was David Miscavige and he was a jerk even then. He acted like he was your friend, but would turn on you at the drop of a hat. . . .

This was a tumultuous time in Scientology history. The Mission Holder conference [1982] happened with people being declared Suppressive and people like David Mayo was removed from his position as Senior C/S International along with many key international management people at that time. All done, as we later found out, based on false reports by David Miscavige to LRH. It was a crazy time.

I was named as a member of the jury on the huge Committee of Evidence against people like David Mayo, Kerry Gleeson and other key international management executives who had been removed from their posts. I had a big problem however with this. International stats were booming at the time in my opinion and I had worked with many of these individuals and felt like they were getting a huge raw deal. I felt deep down that LRH had to be getting false reports and information. . . .

After leaving, many of my former Sea Org friends have left over the years and everyone of them told me it was good that I left when I did, because it got MUCH WORSE and DM got crazier by the year.

For many years, I remained silent about what happened to me in the Sea Org. I did not speak out publicly or testify against Scientology, though some of my friends did. I am thankful that some of my former colleagues did speak out on their own and told the truth about what happened to me when David Miscavige physically attacked me.

When Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee and Tom Devocht first spoke out to the SP Times and were attacked by DM and Scientology saying that DM never attacked anyone, I knew that I had to back them up and come out with my own story. Enough was enough.

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