Ex-Scientologist Story #183 Hubbard’s medical officer, Jim Dincalci.

VOICEOVER     “Hubbard even consigned his own son, Quentin, who was a senior
auditor on the ship to the RPF.”
“Quentin really was a real sweet kid. He was a real nice guy, and very soft-spoken and it was very difficult for him being Hubbard’s son and being put very high position and I don’t think he was that interested in it.  He just wanted to be a pilot and also the fact that he was gay and that’s a very tough thing in Scientology, to be gay.  Especially that kid, to be Hubbard’s son and this top technical person, and to be gay.  Oh, that would be a horrible thing to be wrestling with.”
“Quentin was sent to the RPF, after he committed the sin of trying to commit suicide. Two years later he succeeded.”
“Hubbard saw it as a betrayal, because everything was referenced around him, the world was doing everything to him. This technology that was supposed to work, didn’t even work on the senior person of all Scientology, you know, Hubbard and his son.  No, he just saw that as an attack from his son. You know, the love was gone.  He had lost love.”

The above was taken from the ‘Secret Lives.” video shown below.  Jim was on the long list of people who were close enough to Hubbard to eventually find out that he was nothing more than a charlatan with a mean streak.

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