Ex-Scientologist story #184, Will Fry, wanted out of the Sea Org.

Ture stories about a nasty cult.

Will Fry was raised by scientologists, and attended Scientology boarding school while his parents worked for the church. As a teenager, he joined the Sea Org, but immediately realized he wanted out; it took him almost three years. Afterwards the church billed him $12,000 for a so-called “freeloader debt.”

Here Will talks about being raised in the cult and the effect it has had on his life.

Update, Will and Scarlett Hanna get hitched.

It’s making international headllines…. too bad Scarlett’s mom at the Sydney Org can’t enjoy the occasion…

“The list of celebrities deciding to become ordained as a minister to marry couples in unorthodox ceremonies seems to be growing even longer. People like David Byrne of thr Talking Heads, Mike Nesmith of the Monkees, and comedian Kathy Griffin have already had the opportunity to perform a modern wedding ceremony as a minister ordained online. Now actor and comedian Russell Brand can be added to the list of celebrity ministers, and it would seem that Brand obtained his ordination credential from the Universal Life Church.

Brand recently decided to officiate a wedding ceremony during one of his stand-up gigs at a casino in Santa Barbara, California. The lucky couple were Scarlett and Will De Boor. Unfortunately the words chosen by the cheeky British humorist cannot be enumerated here in their entirety without permanently scarring the delicate eardrums of young children, but suffice it to say that the unorthodox ceremony was replete with an assortment of irreverent, prurient quips in which bride and groom promised to love and cherish one another, despite their many unnamed foibles as a modern-day couple.

For the rest go here: http://forums.whyweprotest.net/threads/will-fry-scarlett-hanna-married-by-comedian-russell-brand.92675/

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