Ex-Scientologist story #187, from the RTC to digging ditches.

This is from the St. Petersburg Times story Strength in Their Numbers, August 2, 2009.
Shelly Corrias, 48

Joined Scientology: at 17, in Portland, Ore., in 1978. Joined Sea Org in 1983.

Left Sea Org: September 2002

Career highlights: Produced promotional materials and books.

Now: Owns digital printing company in Portland. Former husband is in Scientology.

In the following video she tells of her life in Scientology which went from being a top executive doing PR work to being made to dig ditches in the hot sun for 10 hrs. a day.  All of this depended on the mood swings of the unpredictable dictator of Scientology, David Miscavige.


Thing in Hubbard’s world go from bad to worse.  This is how their leadership deals with people who are on the outs with the cult dictator David Miscavige.  

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Ex-Scientologist story #186, Warned others about the cult.

True stories of a greedy cult.


This is perhaps one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, swallow my pride and admit to the world what a fool I was. How could I have been so coerced into acting so uncharacteristically and let myself get stripped of nearly all my money, possessions, dignity, self respect and even my own life? How could I have been so manipulated, especially when I saw through (what I consider a global scam) right from the start? The signs were all there for me to see — I EVEN SAW THEM! My story attempts to answer these disturbing questions.

My conscious will no longer allow me to sit idly by knowing the exact same thing is still happening to others. The fact that in San Francisco both the “mission” at 406 Sutter Street and the “ORG” at 83 Mcallister Street are still there are proof of this. They wouldn’t still be there if they didn’t have a steady supply of “raw meat” (as $cientology staff members refer to people).

I had NO idea what I was getting into when I first walked in their front door. By writing my story I’m hoping to show that Scientology is DEFINITELY NOT what it claims to be. I’m hoping to show how they take the very “buttons” and unwanted reactions they promise to clear you of and then turn right around and use them to control and exploit you. I’m hoping to show how they take all a person’s good qualities and turn right around and use them against you. I’m hoping to show EXACTLY how they were able to take ME for a ride until my rational mind finally said enough is enough and saw $cientology for what it really is.


I’m hoping that my experiences are not all in vain. I’m hoping that by sharing them they will help convince others who are now entangled to get out and everyone else to stay out. I’m hoping that at least I’ll be able to provide some comfort for those who are still trying to recover by letting them know that they are not alone.

I want the world to see just what kind of “service” they will receive if they walk into that San Fransisco mission or ORG. I want everyone to know exactly what goes on behind their closed “auditing” room doors. I want everyone to know exactly what they do in their indoctrination rooms. I’m going to show the world exactly how Scientology was able to take a well adjusted, caring, productive member of society and turn me into a cold, heartless individual obsessed with and actually planning on taking my own life.

I’m going to post my story as a series. I’m going to try to break my chaotic experiences up into manageable pieces. Since I’m not a writer, I need to reserve the right to modify or update my posts as either more facts come to mind or I think of better ways to express myself. What’s important to me now is to get my story out quickly but also as clearly and accurately as possible.

The above was written by the late Wayne Whitney as part of a series of posts that appeared in the Internet newsgroup Alt.Religion.Scientology in 1996.  He had joined Scientology in 1991 doing courses in Boulder and San Francisco.

 This was a wild period online as the old timers can remember.  Scientology was attempting to do some serious damage control.  Internet accounts were mysteriously cancelled, anti-Scientology web sites, the first few of what would be many, were hacked and spammed.  Court cases. some very high-profile, came about at critics posted the secret upper level Scientology course online.  Scientology was very much stronger at the time then they are now.   Wayne was in the thick of it, he also picketed Scientology, that was not done very often at all back then.  Wayne was fearless in fighting the cult; he told others how he had been bilked out of $95k by means of lies, false promises, fraudulent practices and high pressure sales techniques.  To read more follow this link: http://www.holysmoke.org/wwhitney/wwhit002.htm

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Ex-Scientologist story #185 Micheal Pattinson, “tirades of psychotic hate.”

In 1975 Micheal Pattinson had already been a Scientologist for several years, in Europe, where he had already run into some of the seamy aspects of this group. Yet he expected that once he got to Clearwater, Florida, the “Mecca” of auditing perfection that it would all be worthwhile. It was always the “next course” that promised the substantial gains. He felt, like so many others, that if he could just tough things out the rewards would be huge, huge and eternal. But what did he find in this Promised Land of Scientology?  He found the land of Hubbard a confused mass of adolescent totalitarianism that resembled a grade “B” movie about George Orwell’s book, “1984.”  Here are some selections of Pattinson’s statement about his time in Scientology,  It is well worth the time to read it. 

 Oh, and by the way, if you are gay don’t go to Scientology.  You would be better off putting all of your money in the gutter and lighting a match to it.  It won’t help you and Scientology is as much against being gay as extreme Baptist churches are.

I was appalled at the brutality of existence as a “Sea Org member” at Flag. I saw a heck of a lot, knew most of the senior people personally, observed the “bustings”, the tirades of psychotic hate, the heartless smashing of devoted staff members into subjugated silent robots when Ron sent them to the hotel basement purgatory called the “R.P.F”., the forced submission of kind but un-flawless people, the hideously dirty and crowded berthing, the punishments of rice-and-beans diet for lowered production stats,…and Flag was NOT what it was advertised to be, either “The Friendliest Place in the Whole World” (excuse me while I run to throw up), or “The Mecca of Technical Perfection” (I saw virtually NOTHING “perfect” at Flag) at about $800 an hour for Flag auditing. The glossy facade hides a roaches nest of false promises, hidden costs, imperfect delivery, hidden distress, poverty of staff, public with vast upsets and broken dreams.

. . . One of the most shocking but frequent occurrences was a staff member suddenly being marched off by gestapo-like uniformed people and taken to the basement where they were forced to live in squalor and humiliation. They were not allowed to speak to any one who was not in the “Rehabilitation Project Force” (RPF), had to wear dark blue overalls, run EVERYWHERE, clean the grounds of the hotel for most of their day, and study 5 hrs a day too.  

 Being gay was not ever my choice or intention but it is not something that Scientology will ever “handle” however much one spends (I spent close to a half million dollars in Scientology, and I still want my money back!). Scientology considers being gay as an “aberration” that needs to be erased. However, they don’t erase it and are in actual practice anti-gay (as I and others got sent to “ethics” correction for such behavior). They did, however, accept hundreds of thousands of “Gay dollars” from me in full for a service they never delivered in full.Being gay may be something we don’t understand yet but it exists in millions of people and, even when humans who misapply their own religious beliefs and spit hate out at gays, God loves me just the way I am.

To read the rest of Micheal Pattison’s story go here: http://exscn.net/content/view/75/101/

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