Ex-Scientologist story #187, from the RTC to digging ditches.

This is from the St. Petersburg Times story Strength in Their Numbers, August 2, 2009.
Shelly Corrias, 48

Joined Scientology: at 17, in Portland, Ore., in 1978. Joined Sea Org in 1983.

Left Sea Org: September 2002

Career highlights: Produced promotional materials and books.

Now: Owns digital printing company in Portland. Former husband is in Scientology.

In the following video she tells of her life in Scientology which went from being a top executive doing PR work to being made to dig ditches in the hot sun for 10 hrs. a day.  All of this depended on the mood swings of the unpredictable dictator of Scientology, David Miscavige.


Thing in Hubbard’s world go from bad to worse.  This is how their leadership deals with people who are on the outs with the cult dictator David Miscavige.  

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