Ex-Scientologist story #188, Laurel Sullivan, 8 years with Hubbard.

The true stories of a nasty and greedy cult.

Laurel Sullivan. a Canadian, was L. Ron Hubbard’s personal PR representative for 8 years and knew him about as well as anyone ever did.  And just like so many of the others who served next to the Big Thetan himself, she eventually saw the real Hubbard peeking out from underneath the veneer of civility and glib conversation.  The real Hubbard, the man of history, was a real piece of work; far from the image that the cult shows.

While I have not been able to locate a summary of her life in Scientology she has offered evidence in several high-profile court cases as well as a stinging rebuke to her former boss who was still living, but in hiding, at the time of the Sixty-Minutes show with Mike Wallace.  This 1985 report was and update and reprise of an earlier episode that went into the Snow White caper.  To see that video go here:


She also gave testimony in the Julie Christofferson Titchbourne case in which a young woman sued Scientology for fraud and won.  She is quoted in a newspaper article:

“Another former Scientologist, Laurel Sullivan, who served for years as one of Hubbard’s top personal public-relations aides, said she was sickened by the fact that RPF people “had to eat out of buckets.”

To read the rest of the story go here: http://www.holysmoke.org/cos/titchbourne-award.htm

Here is a glimpse of Laurel with Homer Schomer and others.

She was also quoted in a ripping expose of the cult in the “Los Angeles Times,”  June 24-29, 1990 by Joel Sappell and Rober W. Welkos.


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