Ex-Scientologist story #190, Martin Ottmann joins the Sea Borg.

Martin Ottmann lived in Stuttgart, Germany, when took some Scientology courses in 1989, he joined the Sea Org a year later and was sent to Clearwater, FL, where he stayed for the next two years.  He was not in the SO long but he kept his eyes and ears open; as Martin was a hard worker and a had real honest to goodness brains  he was soon advanced.  The following is just a sample of what you will find in his affadavit submited in the Steve Fishman case.

In November 1991 Brian busted the Director of Procurement, Flor Hellberg, from her post, after “she fell to comply with one single order he gave her”. In the “Captain’s Office” of the Coachman Building he told me that he would like to promote me to the post of the Director of Procurement and asked me if I would take it. I said I would and from then on I was an executive of the FSO. . .

Soon I had to work more than the usual 14 or 16 hours a day on my new post. As I lost personnel in the CF-Section (One staff didn’t return to Clearwater after handling his visa-situation in Argentina, another one had to leave the Sea Org, as his wife got pregnant) I had to administrate the Central Files alone. I filed “invoices” and papers from the “CF-backlog” during the night, often leaving me without getting any sleep for 48 hours. There were periods, when I worked for consecutive two months without having one “libs-day”. I was getting more and more numb, simultaneously I got more and more doubts about the Scientology-management. We, the staff of the FSO, worked the whole day and the whole week for 30 $ or less, and we got treated for that like we were criminals: We were shouted at by the “senior executives” of the FSO at staff musters. When the GI of the FSO dropped, our food was sometimes limited to rice and beans. Staff, who didn’t produce enough, were sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force, (RPF), the Sea Org penal colony, or assigned to MEST-Work.

I couldn’t understand, why we were treated like that, so I got suspicious. I began to read the “Suppressive Person-Declare”-folders, which were stored in the “Book Warehouse”, where I had to collect old CF-folders from time to time. The reading of the SP-Declare folders was forbidden, but I did it anyway. . .

How did people get a RPF-assignment? Here are some examples:

  1. Stefanie Kuba, a German registrar, who worked in the bookstore to sell special editions of Hubbard’s books, was found “unutilized” by the CMO CW one day. While an inspection WDC FSO Sue Porter ordered her to Flag Crew to work in the kitchen of the Sandcastle hotel. Stefanie refused whereupon Sue Porter RPFed her. That happened in Spring of 1992.
  2. Jean Nichols was the Director of Income FSO in 1991. She had to book all the money, that the FSO had made and was supposed to make additional “GI” by “phone regging publics”. She made an average-GI of 90,000 $ each week, which was not enough for her seniors. At a GI-meeting Kim Hickock, “Deputy Flag Case Course Intensive Product Officer for Gross Income” (D/FCCI PO for GI), screamed at her, she should knock off her counter-intentions, when Jeannie had replied, that a quota of 100,000 $ per week would be unreal for her to achieve. Jeannie finally gave in, after she was threatened with an “ethics handling”.Several weeks later it came out that Jeannie had falsified her statistics to achieve the 100,000 $ quota. Jeannie blew from the base, but returned later, as her children and husband were still in Clearwater. When she came back to Clearwater, she was immediately transferred to the RPF.
  3. In 1992 a Class-IX-Auditor was found to have an affair with a “squirrel” (an ex-Scientologist, who would do practices similar to Scientology) on her “libs-days”. She was sent immediately to the RPF. Debbie Cook, the CO FSO, was furious about that scandal at a staff meeting and screamed that the Auditor would receive a very harsh ethics treatment.
  4. Wanda Quinones, “Public Master At Arms” (Public MAA=Ethics Officer in the Sea Org), was removed from her post after an investigation by Mark Rathbun. In her “Committee of Evidence” (a Scientology court) she mentioned that she would prefer to be sent to the RPF, due to her performance on post and the lack of training she had.Debbie Cook told the FSO-staff at a meeting, that they should tell the publics, who would ask for Wanda, that she was doing fulltime-training and was therefore off-post. That happened in 1992.
  5. Mike Kehrli, was the Commanding Officer of the Renovations Project FLB in 1991. His main duty was to build the new “Sandcastle Delivery Building” for “New OT VI and VII”, which was to be opened on the May 9th event. The building should be financed solely by funds of the FSO, which wasn’t flowing in an amount big enough to get the project done on time. Mike Kehrli was forced to make debts of 2,000,000 $.At the event in May the building was finished as planned, but few days after Mike Kehrli was sent to the RPF in Los Angeles. The CMO had looked into the financial situation of “Renos” and found Mike Kehrli guilty.
  6. The “Senior Case Supervisor Crew FLB” (Senior C/S Crew FLB) Dusty Rhodes was sent to the RPF in 1990, after it was found out, that he made a lot of technical errors in his auditing-programs. He stayed for almost a year in the RPF, before he returned on the post of a Class-IX-Auditor of the FSO.
  7. Emma Schammehorn happened to be the “Medical Liaison Officer” (MLO) of the FLB until 1992. During an investigation of the whole base the CMO CW found Emma and the head of the “Cadet school” ( the Sea Org school in Clearwater) guilty of “not doing their posts”. They were sent to the RPF immediately. After few days, the RPF-Assignment got cancelled by a higher CMO-staff.
  8. A Class-XII-Auditor made several mistakes in his auditing in January (?) 1992. As he was classified once by Hubbard himself as “Dangerous Auditor” he was sent directly to the RPF. When I left the FSO in July 1992, he was still in it.
  9. In 1991 the sprinkler-system in one room of the Coachman Building went off. The man from Flag Crew, whose task had been to supervise the system was sent to the RPF.
  10. In 1988 or 1989 the “Qualifications Secretary FSO” (Qual Sec FSO) was sent to the RPF after a Committee of Evidence, mainly because of the following reasons:a) negligence of her post,b) she had failed to study the different guidelines of her post (“Full hat”) although she had been on that post for a while. In 1991 she “graduated” from the RPF and returned to the FSO as Ls-Auditor.
  11. Frank McCall was a Sea Org member since its beginnings in 1967. During the eighties he established a “Sea Org museum”, which was located in the Bank of Clearwater in 1990, before it got transferred to the “book warehouse”. Evelyn Wartha told me, that Frank McCall was sent to the RPF, because he had had arguments with the CMO over certain points. Since that time the CMO would try to sabotage his museum. He had to get a written order by Diana Hubbard, which placed the Sea Org museum directly under the “Int. management”, to prevent, that his project would get constantly ripped off of personnel by the CMO CW.When Frank McCall was RPF’ed, he was nearly 60 years old.
  12. The SMI-Expansion office FLB had the purpose to open pioneer-countries for Scientology by establishing missions in those areas. These were financed through the selling of “Mission Starter Packages” ( a set of Scientology-books, -films and -tapes.As the sales were bad in 1991 and the “CO SMI Expansion office” dared to falsify her statistics, she was sent to the RPF in the “Pac”-area (Los Angeles). 
  13. In 1991 a lot of propaganda was made for the new delivery building, which was planned to be built in front of the Fort Harrison-hotel. 35,000,000 $ should be sponsored by the public into the “Religious Trust Project” to finance the construction.Several experienced Sea Org member formed the project. They travelled through the United States and “regged” the most wealthy Scientologists.In Fall 1991 the whole project was cancelled. The I/Cs of the enterprise were RPF’ed and sent to Los Angeles. Eva Zacharias, who was part of it, told me that the regges created a lot of “bounced cheques” and falsified their statistics.In 1992 a new project with new personnel was created. Its name changed now to “Super Power Project”.

Expulsion From The Sea Org


I witnessed it almost every few weeks that a staff member of the FSO or from another org on the base left the Sea Org because either he was thrown out or he “blew”, as he or she couldn’t stand the living conditions in the Sea Org anymore. The change of personnel was very high. In 1994 I got a copy of the FSO-magazine “Source”. On one page was a photo, on which all the FSO-staff were shown. Just 50 % of the persons, who were pictured, I had seen before.

Here are some examples of persons who were thrown out of the Sea Org:

  • Libero Pietracupa was the CF-Officer in department 5 until 1992. He was married to an Italian FLB-staff, who worked in the Cadet Org. She became pregnant in 1991. Libero and his wife didn’t tell that fact to the HCO, because they feared that they would be sent immediately to a Class-V-Org somewhere in the world. In late 1991 it came out and the HCO forced Libero to think about a solution. He was told, that he and his wife had created a serious problem for the FSO. Libero got more and more desperate about the situation. At the beginning of the year ‘92 his wife gave birth to the baby. Soon after Libero, his wife and his child were thrown out of the Sea Org. Although Libero had worked several years day and night in the CF, the FSO didn’t bother to help him in some way. Eventually he found a job in a store in Clearwater.
  • A Class-IX-Auditor, who “graduated” from the RPF, was thrown out of the Sea Org in 1991, because “he had made jokes about the NOTs-material while being in session with a Pre-OT”. This was heard through the “listening-in-system” by one “Case Supervisor” (C/S). A lot of auditing rooms in the FSO were bugged to allow the CSes to monitor the auditing sessions.
  • Crystal C., the daughter of Linda M., was a teenager in 1992. She got “beached” (thrown out of the Sea Org without a Committee of Evidence), because it was found out, that she had done petting with a staff from the CMO. 
  • Lisa B. joined the Sea Org in 1990 and got promoted for the post as “D/FCCI PO for Call In”. Few weeks after her appointment she disappeared. Several months later Lisa B. was officially thrown out of the Sea Org. In an “Ethics Order”, which was published to all the staff of the FSO (!), it was written, that Lisa had blown from her post and gone “Out 2 D” (she had sex) with several men. She confessed that in an ethics interrogation, when she came back to the FSO.
  • Victor D’Andrea, a former professor of a university in Venezuela, joined the Sea Org together with his wife in 1990. He worked in the “Department of Promotion and Marketing” (Dept. 4a) of the FSO. When his wife got pregnant, they were thrown out.
  • Ed Smith was a Sinologist for 20 years. He joined the Sea Org in 1991 and got transferred in my department as an exchange for the “Letter Registrar I/C” Aaron Tweddell, who got promoted to the CMO. Ed was 60 years old and couldn’t keep up with the daily demands for a high production. So he got fired from the HCO FSO.
  • Ken Kramer, an American, joined the Sea Org in 1990. He had been recruited by Dee Ann Prince, later Dee Ann Roest, the “Sea Org Recruiter” of the FSO. He told me, while being on the EPF, that he had taken Angeldust several years ago and that he was worried, if he actually was able to join the Sea Org. He had admitted his drug use right from the beginning to his recruiter and he had written it on his application form for the Sea Org. Dee Ann Prince told him, that he still would be able to join the Sea Org. Ken spent two months on the EPF, working eight hours a day. In late September he got thrown out by the “Fitness Board FLB” because of his use of Angeldust. 
  • Arlene Rich and her sister were living in Clearwater and had been publics of the FSO for several years. Arlene was new “New OT V”, her sister even “New OT VIII”. In 1990 they joined the Sea Org. Arlene found her way in the Sea Org and even climbed on the post of “Technical Secretary for Division 4 a” for a while. Her sister however experienced several difficulties. I saw her one time having a nervous breakdown before a staff meeting. She finally was “routed off” the Sea Org in 1991. 
  • Lorenzo Delzanno, a Swiss FSO-staff, was married to the sister of Desiree Matlock. She worked until 1991 as receptionist of Flag Crew in the Fort Harrison. During that year she got severe physical problems, mainly at the region of her heart, which made it necessary for her to take certain medications and to spend more time off post. Lorenzo had to finance the medications, as Flag Crew didn’t pay it. In 1992 she had to leave the Sea Org, as she couldn’t work anymore.
  • A Mexican woman who had joined the Sea Org in 1990 went pregnant in 1991. Few weeks after it had been known to the HCO, she was thrown out of the Sea Org.
  • I want to emphasize here that all these people had given up their prior existence completely, when they joined the Sea Org. They had given up their jobs, their houses, etc. A lot of staff, like me, came from foreign countries. As long as they were able to function and produce for a minimal wage, they were welcome in the Sea Org. When they “became a problem”, they got fired almost immediately.

The above is a sample of the lunatic life of a Sea Org member.  This is what the followers of the tin-pot dictator L. Ron Hubbard plan for the rest of us.  These clowns see themselves as the new rulers of mankind.

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