Ex-Scientologist story #191, “Blown For Good.”

The following in from the St. Petersburg Times article “Strength in Their Numbers,”  August 2, 2009.

Marc Headley made movies for Scientology. By the early 2000s, he was named a producer at Golden Era Productions, the church’s umbrella division for its prized audio-visual efforts.

In 2004, Headley led Miscavige on a tour of the A/V area. Miscavige asked about a timetable on a project, and Headley said he made the mistake of answering in a “smart-aleck” tone.

He said Miscavige pushed him against a shelf unit and started punching him. He fell onto a countertop, and Miscavige continued to slug him in the chest.

When it ended, Headley said, senior Sea Org member Greg Wilhere pulled him aside and explained that Miscavige had come from a difficult meeting. Wilhere said in a written statement that Headley’s entire account is “a complete lie.”

A few months later, Headley was on the hot seat again. He had bought and sold equipment and an audit determined $250 was missing. Headley was ordered to the RPF.

The next morning, he sped off in his motor bike and made his way to Kansas City, where his father lived. Weeks later, his wife, Claire, made her break and joined him.

They sued Scientology in January, contending that the wages paid Sea Org members — about $75 a week — violate labor laws.

The church says the lawsuit has no merit. Sea Org members work on a “volunteer basis” and receive weekly stipends. The church covers all living, medical, dental and other expenses, which helps workers focus on their jobs, “without having to worry about paying your bills, cooking dinner, paying property taxes or this and that.”

Marc got mad, and he also got even writing a book that sent tremors through the Scientology world.  Here is a link to his blog and information about how to order his book, “Blown for Good.”  http://blownforgood.com/

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