Ex-Scientologist story #193, Censorship on the ship.

The degree of control that Hubbard exercised over his followers was as close to total as he could make it, even letters were examined.  Yet Scientologists talk about “Freedom.”  And of course, “think for yourself.”  This is from the Clearwater Hearings.

Affidavit of Stan Herron

I, Stan Herron, reside with my wife, Annette Herron, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1.  I was involved with the Church of Scientology from the summer of 1972 through 1978.

2.  During the time I was a member of the Church in Las Vegas, Nevada and on board L. Ron Hubbard’s the leader of Scientology, ship the “Apollo”, I paid more than $13,000 to Scientology.

3.  I paid this money to L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology after being told by Church members, and reading in L. Ron Hubbard’s books, representations concerning L. Ron Hubbard’s background and the benefits of Scientology.  Some of the benefits I was promised in Scientology included a higher I.Q., faster reaction time, total recall, complete physical health and perfect thinking.

4.  I was told L. Ron Hubbard researched, discovered and developed miracle cures for illnesses using the technology of Scientology.  I was told L. Ron Hubbard was a nuclear physicist and had graduated from the finest institutions in the United States, Princeton University and George Washington University.  I was also told that L. Ron Hubbard was one of the most decorated heroes of World War II, was a world traveler and discoverer of far off cultures, and was able to heal himself after being “crippled and blinded” from wounds received in battle in World War II.

5.  While in Scientology, I joined a force known as the “Sea Org”.  The Sea Org worked and carried out Hubbard’s orders from aboard the ship Apollo.  While on board Hubbard’s ship, the Apollo, I was trained as a finance banking officer for the organization.  As the finance banking officer I was familiar with the gross income of the Scientology Orgs.  Orgs were required to file weekly reports to Church Headquarters and L. Ron Hubbard.  At one point I was responsible for insuring at least 10% of funds from a particular Scientology Or was sent Hubbard.

6.  One primary task I had while on board the Apollo, concerned accompanying George Beasley, the head “Flag” finance banking officer as a courier for L. Ron Hubbard, of huge sums of cash in bank wrapped bundles and carried in a brief case to the ship from banks on shore.  George Beasley told me that Hubbard had accounts in Switzerland and Africa.  He told me the money was from funds sent to the Operation Transport Corporation and then subsequently transferred to numbered accounts in Switzerland and Africa.

7.  Conditions on board the ship were extremely harsh.  Sleeping quarters were dark, damp and crowded.  Only 30 second showers were allowed.  Worst of all, if any person disobeyed any of Hubbard’s orders he was placed in the “RPF” (Rehabilitation Project Force).  The Rehabilitation Project Force was Hubbard’s internal prison for those Scientologists who disobeyed his orders.

8.  All mail to and from the ship was censored for, I was told, “ship security.”  During this time I received, only a couple of the letters my wife sent to me.  She received only one of about six I sent her.  Hubbard ordered the censoring to prevent Scientologists from writing and exposing facts about L. Ron Hubbard’s broken arm, colds, sicknesses, etc. is what I believe.

Signed under the pains and penalties of perjury this 27th day of April 1982.

[Signed] Stan Herron

This can be found at: http://www.american-buddha.com/cia.testimonyrondewolfclearwater.exh5.htm

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  1. Like to see stand up people tell truth about false hopes and scams while placing selves in poosible danger.much respect

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