Ex-Scientologist story #194, Birgitta Dagnell, DSA Europe fights pidgeons for breakfast.

The Commodore of his own bathtub navy.

Birgitta Harrington nee Dagnell became a Scientologist in 1971, she joined staff in 1979 and was then promoted to the Guardians Office in Sweden.  She became aware of their secret ops including the infamous, “Snow White,” caper.  Despite being a loyal member who dedicated her life to Scientology she was swept up in the mass hysteria that shook Scientology in 1982.  Her loyalty counted for nothing.

 In February I was called to come over to Flag Operations Liaison Officer in Denmark for a briefing. I went over and met with the person in charge, Allan Hubbert from Special Unit in Los Angeles. He smiled and told me nicely that I had to do a little “spring cleaning programme” called DPF (Deck Project Force). I had never heard about it, but he showed me a Flag Order written by Lafayette Ron Hubbard (LRH). I was told that all remaining staff from the GO’s in Europe should show up on the DPF. The reason was that we were the cause of why the churches didn’t expand and that we were enemies of the Church. The GO’s were to be closed down and be replaced by “Department of Special Affairs”. Only very clean, especially chosen, non-Guardian staff should be appointed to this Department. We, the enemies and traitors would be put onto the DPF as rehabilitation..

I found that I had to start on the DPF right away. There was no time to go back home to change clothes, bring more clothes or even to make a phone call to my husband and children. In order to make phone calls one had to write a dispatch, asking for permission and telling the purpose of the call and so on. It took me around one month to get permission for my first call home. So there I was in my black long trousers, black jumper and my mink coat. I learned to use my mink coat as my pillow as well. I had to wear those clothes for more than one month. I was one of the first in the place, of the 82 of us who soon were collected from all over Europe. 

. . . The “rehabilitation” consisted of lots of work, mainly cleaning, and started at 8 AM with roll-call. We had to say “Ay Sir” when called upon or spoken to. We were not permitted to talk to people outside the DPF and later on not to DPF members from other countries. In that way we became isolated. The first night we were only 2 people in a normal 2-bed room. The next night and the following, there were 18 people in it. We happened to get breakfast sometimes, but that was not usual. I remember one morning when the 82 of us got 16 slices of bread to share and one man took 6 of them. It was near civil war that got started. The meals were eaten in a cellar where we shared the space with lots of pigeons. It was very dirty, filled with bird shit. On one occasion I had to fight with the pigeons to get my meal.
. . . One of us was assigned to paint the reception area at FOLO and 3 others of us did the preparatory work. The girl who did the painting thought she did quite a nice job and it looked nice and clean when she had finished painting. But after 5 days the paint hadn’t dried and we found out that the paint had been mixed without the drying agent in it. The girl had to scrape the whole reception of this wet paint, for which she was publicly declared an SP, and after that she left Scientology. . .
This is the wonderful world of Scientology.  To read the rest of the story, which makes interesting, if grim, reading go here:

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  1. […] Joe Harrington spent more than two decades in Scientology.  When the time came for him to leave he did but instead of just pursuing his ordinary interests he devoted a large part of his life to exposing the cult for the sham it is.  I remember reading Joe’s posts to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology in the mid to later 1990′s.  Things back then are a far cry from where they are now.  At that time Scientology was actively fighting the internet and trying very hard to control the flow of information about their evil doings.  People were being sued all over the place for copyright infringement and the cult was using the law in order to raid people’s homes.  It was like living in the wild west back then with some evil bandits taking over the town.  But the former members and critics fought back, Joe posted my thoughtful and informative posts.  The a new gunslinger was heard of : Scamisdat.  This guy posted some of the most secret top-level OT courses on newsgroups.  Scientology went bonkers at the time trying to find out who was doing this; but they never did find out who it was.  In fact it was not until Joe Harrington was dead that it was revealed that he was Scamisdat.  In all of this he was sustained by his wife Birgitta who had a story of her own to tell when it came to Scientology.  https://androvillans.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/ex-scientologist-story-194-birgitta-dagnell-dsa-europe-… […]

    • Joe Harrington died far too soon. All we can do it to try and carry on his work of warning people of the dangers of this evil cult.

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