Ex-Scientologist story #197, Fair gamed: “a conspiracy of lies.”

True Stories of a Greed Cult.

 The following excerpts were taken from the East Grimstead Courier, June 13, 1968 article “Scientology Slammed in Court as ‘evil cult.'”

A former Scientologist who left the movement ‘in disgust,’ described it at East Grinstead court on Monday as an ‘evil cult.’

Maurice William Johnson of South Shields County Durham, told the court that since he resigned from the movement in June 1966, he had been persecuted by the Scientology organization and had received over 100 letters of abuse from Scientologists.

A man who wrote one of the letters to Mr. Johnson while he was a member of the Scientology movement himself told how he had written it while under a form of subconscious duress following a period of processing at Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead.

Mr. Johnson pleaded not guilty to a summons brought by Mr. Herbert George Parkhouse on behalf of the Church of Scientology of California, that he stole a blazer and two pairs of trousers, the property of the Church of Scientology.

After a hearing lasting over four hours, the summons was dismissed.

Mr. Parkhouse was shown a copy of the Scientology newspaper ‘The Auditor’ by Mr. Harold Tavroges, representing Mr. Johnson, which, it was pointed out, contained a list of people described as ‘suppressive to the Scientology movement.’ The list included the name of Mr. Johnson and also stated that Mr. Johnson was ‘fair game.’

Asked what in his opinion ‘fair game’ meant, Mr. Parkhouse said: ‘It means I am not obliged to give him any help or assistance or to do anything for him either as a Scientologist or as a human being.’

Herbie Parkhouse (later of Snow White fame) tried to put a different face on the Fair Game policy but the court would have none of it.

Before dismissing the case Mr. Evans said the dictionary definition of fair game, which was the one he accepted, meant ‘a legitimate means of pursuit and attack.’

To read the rest of the article go here:  http://www.lermanet.com/scientologynews/england/grinstead-cult-061368.htm

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