The ironies of Scientology, Pt. 1, Nibs tells the truth about his father.

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Ex-Scientologist story #200, He dated the boss’s daughter.

Arnie Lerma has had one heck of a  life both in and out of Scientology.  Interestingly enough it was dating Suzette Hubbard that caused him to at last see through the con of Scientology.  Since that time is has been in the forefront of those seeking to expose Scientology for the evil, greedy and sadistic predators they are.  Since Anie has one of the very best anti-Scientologist web sites I will let you read his story for yourself.

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Ex-Scientologist #199, Jeanette Schweitzer, “Boss was a criminal.”

Jeanette Schweitzer, a citizen of Germany, was a member from 1989-1982 not long in ordinary years.  Plenty of time though for Sceintology to ruin your life and drive half mad.

Back then I was part of the management of a company in Saarland and did a lot of further training. At one point an employer advised me to take part in a communication seminar. It took place one weekend in a nice house in Frankfurt, where I met very nice people. The term Scientology wasn’t used at all back then. . . 
there were things which I found very strange. Example given there was one exercise where people sat in front of each other, knee to knee, and had to stare each other straight in the eye without blinking. Or you were insulted ‘Jerk’, ‘Idiot’, ‘Whore’ – and you weren’t allowed to react to that. At that point I did say to myself: ‘What’s that, that’s rubbish’. But then it was said that those were completely normal methods of communication. . .
In spite of my position demanding a lot of responsibility I was pretty naive back then. Also there were known business people, employers,  and dentists among the participants. I said to myself: If they are doing it, it can’t be a bad thing.  [started auditing] This took place in a small room, an e-meter was being used, that’s like a primitive lie detector. A man asked me different things such as: ‘What do you see?’. Over and over. At first you say the usual stuff: Table, chairs, window. But the questions kept going, for hours: ‘What do you see? What do you see?’ I told him about a film about Maria Stuart, which I had seen recently. And at some point I saw myself imprisoned as Maria Stuart. . .The person’s consciousness is changed, its mental world. You are being emptied and this vacuum is being filled by Scientology with its ideology. Step by step you’re beginning to work like a well-oiled machine, a Scientologic robot…
Back then I paid more than 100 000 Deutschmarks for courses and auditings at Scientology in the first six months alone. At the end I had 60 000 Deutschmarks as debts, even though I had a good income. But you had to suffer much more under Scientology, among other reasons because you changed your place of work to a company, which was being reformed according to Scientologic principles. For this I moved to Stuttgart and burned all the bridges, left all social connections behind – which is, by the way, a typical phenomenon with cults. And I learned about the organization’s true face. Scientology says that a person has to constantly increase its performance, the statistics have to grow constantly. When they stagnate you are supposedly unethical, if they fall you are considered criminal. [the Scientology company that she worked for were do illegal things] Yes and I was supposed to cover it up. Back then I thought that only the company’s boss was criminal and not Scientology. I had the fixed conviction: Scientology alone is right and will get me justice. That’s why I didn’t get the idea to involve the police or any other person outside of the organization. . .I was told that I was an enemy of the company, I was supposedly being ‘unethical’. Because of that I was sent to St. Hill in England several times and to penal auditing sessions in Frankfurt, which I had to pay for myself by the way. At some point I felt as if I had been emptied. But I searched the fault in my own behavior. For Scientology says: ,Everything that happens to you has been caused by yourself and so it’s your fault.’

. . . I was dismissed without notice and my parents advised me to take a lawyer. Due to this step I became a serious offender in Scientology’s eyes. There were threats by phone and by mail, which said: ‘If you don’t turn down the lawyer, your life is in danger.’ On my 40th birthday I was declared a ‘suppressive person’, the highest penalty in the Scientologic codex. With that I was basically fair game. When I later began to educate the public about Scientology at times I had to be put under police protection. Slashed tires, life-threatening drive maneuvers on the highway, fake calls, public slander have stayed facts to this day, with which I had to learn to live.[Why does the organization have so many prominent members such as American actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta?] These people have money and so they can buy the highest status in Scientology. They are considered “PR machines” and so they’re treated very comfortably. They can’t help but beam, because they profit from this system. They will never go through a penal camp as it may happen to ‘normal’ Scientologists.

[How powerful is the organization today?]

In Germany they have a few thousand members and I think that they are pretty much done here – even if they try to make an impression with splendid buildings such as in Berlin. 
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