Ex-Scientologist story #204 -John Peeler, Overts & Overboarding.

True stories of a greedy cult.

A constant theme in these stories is how badly Sea Org members treat each other.  They are like a group snarling, angry dogs walking around in a circle frequently pausing to bark or bite at each other.  The sort of sadism practiced inside this paramilitary organization is like none other in history.  Members of the German SS had more respect for each other than Sea Org members.

John Peeler was a former Scientology executive who left us a story, another one, in the long and sorry list of those who put their foot inside of a Scientology building.

“Yes, I have witnessed first-hand, DM beating the hell out of people. Specifically, during the WIS? Campaign, (What Is Scientology? Book), this was in the mid 90’s, I saw DM beat up Marc Yager, who was the CO CMO Int at the time. DM was pissed at Yager because he hadn’t followed orders and that the book was behind target, etc… DM grabbed him, tossed him around the room, punched him, shoved him, screamed at him the whole time and then threw Yager out of the PDO exit. That’s Planetary Dissemination Org (the international marketing arm for Scientology), which is a division of Gold.

On another occasion, I witnessed DM beat the crap out of Jeff Hawkins, who was one of the executives in PDO. I saw Jeff get beat up on a couple of occasions by DM for missing targets, and not following orders, etc… Screaming always, in addition to Dave having an entourage of goons and assistants around him at all times.

I witnessed another Int exec, Steve Marlowe, who has held all sorts of high positions in the church grab Hans Huber by the ear lobe and physically drag him through the Estates building, about 30 ft – of course Hans trying to keep up without his ear being torn off. Then Steve decided that Hans needed to be even further humiliated so proceeded to scream which you could hear even through the heavy doors. Steve is no longer in the SO and I think I heard he was in Arizona or something with his wife Laura. I’m not sure where they stand in terms of Scientology though at the present.

Joe Jarchow, who had been CO CMO Gold for a while and then later was an Exec in Gold shoved me so hard once that I almost fell on my ass, I definitely went back a few feet, but I was ready to fight him and I think he could tell. I remember thinking that if this guy comes at me, I’m just gonna fight his ass and not care about the result. He probably could’ve taken me, but he would have left the fight in major pain.

Security guards at Int as well as MAA’s would do “berthing inspections” unannounced to the crew at the base and without them even being there. In fact, you had no idea that you even had an inspection at your living quarters, unless a security guard or MAA pulled you in to confront you on something they found in your room. These inspections are done in order to find out if people have any “out-security” or confidential materials, any TV sets, any personal computers, any phones or anything that would seem odd enough to question the individual. Laptops are strictly forbidden.

Also, responsible for “over-boarding” people, in fact, over-boarding entire divisions of Gold because their stats were down or because of a divisional flap. This, all based on Hubbard policy – Flag Order OVERBOARD which states, not verbatim, that a crew member may be over-boarded for basically creating flaps or being unproductive. This is done by the MAA and the Chaplain, which was held by Ken Hoden the Port Captain Gold. The crew member is allowed to take off his shoes, jewelry or watch and that’s it. You get pushed in by the MAA with the Chaplain reading something like leaving your sins to be washed away by the sea. At the base we used the lake and pushed people off of a bridge that went from land to a little island on the lake. One time the entire Qual division of Gold was over-boarded and the water was feezing cold. An elderly lady froze up in the water and couldn’t swim herself to the side and I jumped in myself and swam her to shore or she would have drowned. The Div 2 (money) Division and Cine divisions were constantly being over-boarded. If overts came up in O/W write ups or sec checks such as masturbation or something that resulted in a Hill 10 that wasn’t known about, they were publicly humiliated in front of the whole org and then over-boarded. This kind of crap was happening all the time and was enforced by Miscavige, RTC and the execs of the base.

I myself grew up in Scientology. My parents were Scientologists and it all started for my 1977. I went to Apple School in Los Angeles, which was a school that used a Hubbard “Study Tech” program to teach students. There was even an Ethics Officer on the Apple School faculty and KR’s were used by the students to report on other students. These are CHILDREN being taught at a very young age to write Knowledge Reports and keep a “watchful” eye on others. Kids would even be heard saying “Ohhhh, your going to Ethics!!!”

Can you imagine these practices being done in a business in the real world today? If Scientologists and SO members were allowed to have outside legal representation, heads would roll and there would be quite a few fines and prison sentences. This is all hidden behind “our religious beliefs” and thus protected by the Governments who recognize Scientology as a religion.
For more about what John Peeler had to say about his time in Scientology go here:

Since I wrote the above I have found that John has a blog.  http://bts2free.blogspot.com/

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Ex-Scientologist story #203, “My escape from the cult.”

Zane Thomas has this to say about his time in Scientology:  Heh, when I was a foolish teenager I got caught up in the bait-n-switch cult of clams for about a year.  I ended up in Edinburgh Scotland at the Clam Central Publishing Org.  There was some incredibly nasty stuff going on there, including imprisonment.  It didn’t take me too long to wise up and I blew in December of 1968. But I had a problem, my gear (sleeping bag, backpack, essentially everything I owned except the clothes on my back) were at the org. Having seen people in dungeon-like rooms eating bread and water, I was not taking any chances.

I got a taxi to take me to the org and told him that if I wasn’t out in 5 minutes he should call the police.  He looked sort of shocked, and in retrospect it must have been a strange situation for him.  A dark, damp night in an alley in Edinburgh, with a really young kid (I never looked my age, so I could have looked about 15 or 16 at the time) entering a building which was already the subject of controversy and questions, asking for the police to be called if I wasn’t out soon.  No wonder he looked a little shocked and worried.

Fortunately for me he stayed.

I went in, got my stuff, and headed for the door.  I was stopped by some serious screaming from the Sea Witch who was running the place. She informed me that I was a traitor and fair-game (we ALL knew what that meant, despite the disingenuous retraction of that policy which you see here from time-to-time).  I told her that I was leaving and that there was a taxi outside and that the driver was calling the police if I wasn’t out soon.  One of the Sea Org goons, it could have been Bill Robertson himself I really don’t recall, looked out the window and verified the taxi’s presence.

I walked out the door, and left town the next day … I looked over my shoulder for a looong time after that.

To read more of Zane’s escape go here:  http://www.xenu-directory.net/accounts/thomas19960906.html

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Ex-Scientologist story #202, “assaulted by Ethics Officer.”

What are your crimes? Tell me or into the salad with you.

As Janice Hayward found out Scientology will promise you anything and everything to sell you services.  They make a big deal out of promising a refund but often the only way you will see your money again is to sue.

Does Scientology work?  If it did the cult would not be experiencing the worst ever drop in new membership.  What sane person would join them after reading about Xenu?  All Hail Xenu.

I contracted with the Church of Scientology to become a Dianetic Clear. The Dianetics program was guaranteed to produce a well, happy, and successful person upon completion. I was shown pictures of successful people such as Kirstie Alley, Tom Cruise, and Priscilla Presley to convince me about the success of the program.

I went to L. A. on 23 Mar., 1992. While there, Mike, an auditor, in the Church of Scientology, accused me of being an immoral and unethical person for three to four hours a day.

I was accused of trying to harm the ethics officer for hours and I had done nothing bad to her. Everyday for a week, I received a constant barrage of verbal abuse, until I left and went back to Phoenix.

On or about 21 Dec., 1992 I was assaulted by Wendy Keene, Ethics Officer. Mary Sugher, Secretary, tried to physically force me to stay at the Church of Scientology against my will. She called for Wendy Keen and Kathy Bennett, a Division 6 Supervisor, to attack me. Kathy ran off, but Wendy slammed me repeatedly into the wall in the back of the church for over half an hour. Finally, John DiNero, a staff member, came in and made her stop.

I confronted Mary Sugher about the assault. She told me that L. Ron Hubbard’s policy states that it is alright to physically assault people. . .

From 1991 to 1995 I paid over $60,000 to the Church of Scientology

During this time I took at least 14 courses from the Church of Scientology. Each course was offered at a specific price. I took the following courses among others:

  1. Ups and Downs of Life
  2. Professional Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course
  3. Method One Co-audit
  4. Student Hat
  5. PTS/SP Course
  6. Therapeutic TR’s Course
  7. Pro TR’s Course
  8. How to Improve Conditions in Life
  9. Financial Success Course
  10. Upper Indoctrination
  11. Academy Level 0
  12. How to Improve Relations with Others
  13. How to make Work Easier
  14. Scientology Handbook Course

 I paid for additional courses which I did not receive. I also paid for various books, tapes and other materials. I did not receive the promised benefits.

I was promised that if I took the courses and followed the program that I would receive the benefits of freedom from emotional, physical and mental pain and distress, as well as career success. Furthermore, I was promised that if the promised results were not achieved all monies would be refunded.

 The promised results were not achieved. To the contrary, following my involvement with the Church of Scientology I was released from two separate positions with Phoenix Union High School District. I am currently unemployed, being unable to find a job. I am not free from emotional, physical or mental pain. In fact, I feel that the Church itself was a cause of much emotional, physical and mental pain, not to mention the huge financial loss which I incurred.

For more of the story of Janice Hayward go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/documents/hayward19970319.html


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