Ex-Scientology story #206, former OSA agent Frank Oliver.

True stories about an evil cult.

I was unable to find a definitive statement anywhere on just when Frank Oliver joined Scientology or his motives for doing so.  Yet he has testified or given depositions in several related court cases.  One of the most interesting was the newspaper story , Double Crossed that appeared in the “Phoenix New Times News,” December 23, 1999 by Tony Ortega.  This is one of the most interesting, and revealing Scientology stories ever written from the perspective of dedicated Scientology watchers.  It concerns the concentrated attack by Scientology, done by one that critics love to hate. Kendrick Moxon with guest appearances of Gene Ingram, their house private investigator, on the Cult Awarness Network, CAN.  Frank Oliver was in the thick of that caper that eventually brought down CAN.  The methods used were the usual ones: the Fair Game policy, infiltration, blackmail, lies, deceit, intimidation and harassment.  To read this excellent story go here:


I found this on YouTube, Frank tells us in his own words the methods that Scientology uses.

TOM JARRIEL: […] L. Ron Hubbard left Scientology not only his religious writings, but a series of controversial directives that appear to advocate threats, intimidation, and even attacks against those he regarded as enemies.
VO: Some of Hubbard’s writings: “Don’t ever defend. Always attack.” “The purpose of the lawsuit is to harass and discourage rather than win.” A church enemy “may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”
FRANK OLIVER: They can send private investigators out to your home or to your place of work, talk to your neighbors. They will illicitly try and obtain copies of your phone bills or credit rating. They will try and create problems for you at your place of employment.They will try and sue you. They’ll do everything they can try and do to stop you or to silence you.
TOM JARRIEL: How do you know?
FRANK OLIVER: I know because that’s what I used to do.
VO: Frank Oliver runs a digital graphics firm in Miami, but for four years, he says, he was a member of the church’s internal security apparatus.
FRANK OLIVER (voice of and on camera): I remember having to make the phone calls to all the phone numbers on someone’s phone bill to find out where they had called. These were enemies of the church. You shut them down. You find out what you can about them. You find their weak spot and you expose it. You make it so that they cannot survive or exist. You literally destroy them.

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