Ex-Scientologist story #208, “desperate for a solid night’s sleep.”

Lisa Gibson joined her sister in joining Scientology, both would regret it as would their friends and family.  This relentless cash eating juggernaut swallowed them whole.  Like all of the stories in this series it is a cautionary tale about just how dangerous it is to get involved with the cult of Scientology.

It all started during the summer of 1973. My older sister Lavenda  called and asked me to come live with her in Las Vegas, when she picked me up at the airport she took me straight to Scientology in Las Vegas. I didn’t know she was in Scientology or what it was. They explained to me that they were trying to help the planet and being so young, 18, and idealistict, his sounded like a good idea, so I signed on.

To read her sister’s story go here: https://androvillans.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/ex-scientology-story-64-the-whole-thing-was-a-lie/

They put me in charge of the kids at the house and I started taking Scientology courses. I was curious about the TR’s (these are Training Routines famous for that staring look Scientologists have). When I asked why we had to sit there and not react while people screamed at us, cussing, etc.I was told that it was for toughening up so we could handle the public if they harassed us in any way. I learned later it was the beginning of mind control tactics and one of the maneuvers that rob people of their emotions and teach insensitivity to the feelings of others I met a lot of people who were genuinely trying their best to do their part to help the planet.

I also noticed that many of the Scientologists’ them seemed desperate for a solid night sleep. when I commented about that, I was told that people really don’t need more than 4 hours of sleep and I was introduced to another TR for keeping your body awake. I was given stacks of letters to write to people encouraging them to buy courses. This was the every night and I started dealing on 4 hours of sleep a night. I often cooked for about 40 people and it was usually a beans and rice kind of meal . . .

Anyway, back to 1973, while I was in the Las Vegas Org, I remember seeing two guys in black armbands scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush. I was told not to speak to them. I heard they also had to endure hours of auditing and verbal torture. They were being penalized for wrongdoing,being in Scientology’s RPF, and again I thought Oh God what have I gotten myself into now? Also,there was a young man named, Scott on staff. He was from a wealthy family and his parents were coming to make him leave. He was transferred out. I never saw him again.


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