Ex-Scientologist Story #211, “The Church of Scientology has crimes.”

Kendra Wiseman was raised in a household where a fanatical devotion to Scientology took precedence over everything else.  By the age 15 she had seen enough to know that she wanted out.  Of course she knew that meant disconnection from her family but it was, nonetheless, the only way for her to ever have a life of her own.  Her reasons for leaving were many, and they are compelling.

My name is Kendra Wiseman. If you were in the habit of reading the Clambake message boards, ARS or the ex-Scientologist message boards around 2005, you may recognize me by the names Emma (not the Emma from Ex-Scn Message Boards), Emma Goldman or SarahNW. I have been quiet about my Scientology experience for a long time, and I’m damn well sick of it. Yesterday was my very last day of silence. Starting today, I’m a vocal critic of Scientology. . .

My father is the President of Citizens Commission on Human Rights US. My uncle is president of Narconon International, and my mother is President of the Earth Organization. With the exception of the Earth Organization, which is a genuine, independent and well-meaning environmental activist group run by Scientologists, these groups are owned and funded by the CoS. 

As of today, February 8, 2008, I am 24 years old, and I have not heard from or seen any member of my immediate family in 2 ½ years.

Minors who worked at CCHR, myself included, were routinely required to work overtime, sometimes up to 20-hour days, and were not compensated for it. No one complained, of course, because the general attitude was that anyone who complained about little things like pay was “downstat”, “counter intention” and “not on board”. Anyone who complained or raised protest about the work environment was made to feel guilty and out-ethics. Truth be told, I never considered complaining about it, because hey, the evil psychs were working overtime, and there were thousands of them! There were only a few of us, so we had to work three times as hard to defeat them. Whatever that means.

One time, when CCHR was doing fundraising, my friend (also a minor) and I were taken off our normal duties and made to join the rest of the organization in a fundraising drive. We were given a certain quota and told we could not go home until it was met. Other people started going home, but we were asked to stay. We were there until 1AM because though it was too late to call people in Los Angeles, we could still call people in Hawaii. Around 1 or 2AM, we were only $300.00 away from our quota, and my friend finally had to ask her dad to donate the money so that we could both go home. . .

Sickness was routinely treated by staff and superiors as the fault of the sick person. When I came down with strep throat, pink eye and a sinus infection on the same day, I figured it would be alright to go home and rest, especially with my nearly perfect attendance record taken into account. My immediate superior was sympathetic, and I was sent to the doctor, and taken home with orders to rest for a week. The next morning, however, I received a call on my private phone line from the HAS, demanding that I return to work immediately. My superior also called and accused me of “out ethics” and “blowing from post”. Scared, I got out of bed, got dressed, and went to ask my dad for a ride to work.

To read the rest of her story go here: http://exscn.net/content/view/39/52/1/2/

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