Ex-Scientologist Story #222, Nate & Mona Larson, “Xenu is not for us.”


Split families, where some members are Scientologists and others are not, usually are ripped apart at the seams by the cult’s disconnection policy.  If you are in the least critical of L. Ron Hubbard and his followers you will be given the choise between their way or the highway.  parents lose their children, brothers lose sisters, spouses get divorced and so on.   Things don’t get any better either if you are raised in Scientology.  If your parents are public members you life will revolve around that fact, most of the family income will be taken for auditing and donations.  But it can be worse, a lot worse.  If your parents are members of the Sea Org there is no possibility at getting anything like a normal childhood.  They will spend very  little time with you and when they do they are often too tired to do anything.  Being the offspring of fanatics is no fun.  Plan of living conditions well below the poverty line and long hours of work.  Scientology as a “religion” considers itself exempt from labor laws.

If you want to get a good look at the world that Scientologists want for us check this one out.  Nate and Mona Larson tell their story:

Our Ongoing Story:
we are loving parents, we have 7 daughters between us…4 are involved in the cult scientology ..all 4 have disconnected (3 had no choice they were raised from a very young age in the cult) .. we will not be bullied into joining your so-called religion that is based on knowledge for money under the premise of morals,ethic’s copyright bullshit secret language talk..or moving up your bridge..or being o.k. with your sea-org slave camp..we know what goes on there (these kids and young adults work 12-18 hrs a day 6 to 6 1/2 days a week) SAVANNAH LARSON 9 YEARS LA SEA-ORG 6 YEARS NO PHYSICAL CONTACT..Megan was there 2..but they made her leave when we asked her to come home for a family emergency it took over 4 days for her supervisor’s & handlers to release her from her duties there..at that point they made her pack her bags-Megan has purchased close to $5000.00 worth of scientology training information called the basic’s with a credit card from bank of america.. this is just the beginning of your religious information for sale-we will not take your fake free personality test or take your lrh course’s that eat up $ & every waking hour ……..XENU is NOT FOR US ever not in this life or the next..Megan has received a bill for over $3,000.00 from the la sea-org after leaving for ??
after working 12 -16 hrs a day..we haven’t figured that one out yet….
and then made to feel very important when local scientology celeb’s come for their celebrations .. that part was very heady for Megan…
…these celeb’s just don’t get what goes on there .. they don’t see it…
To find out more about the wonderful family life of Scientologists go here:  http://nateandmonalarson.blogspot.com/#Image1
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