Ex-Scientologist story #224, Control in Scientology: Disconnection.

Scientology: Pure Evil

Grace and Ken Aaron were tossed out of Scientology when they complained about alterations that they found being done on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard.  This caused a problem, their son, Zackary was a Scientologist.  Scientology then exercised their ultimate weapon of control: disconnection.  He had to make the choise of staying in a relationship with his parents or staying with Scientology.  The following is from the St. Petersburg Times, June 26, 2006.  This is then followed by some video clips of the Aarons at an anti-Scientology rally.

Grace Aaron of Los Angeles was declared a suppressive person five years ago after she wrote several internal reports insisting that current church management had altered some of L. Ron Hubbard’s directives. She said church officials tried to convince her husband of 28 years to divorce her and said he had to make a choice: his wife or his religion. He stayed with her and was declared a couple of months later.

Their son, Zachary, then 22, was on staff at the Beverly Hills mission and living with his parents. She said the church also gave him an ultimatum: move out within 24 hours and sever all ties with his parents or he would be kicked out of Scientology himself. He went with Scientology.

“I don’t think that any religion has a right to disrupt a family,” she said. “It may not be illegal. But when it comes to human rights and morality, I consider it immoral.”

In a letter to the Times, Zachary Aaron wrote that he has no interest in speaking to his mother.

“Her actions were calculated to attack the Church, she knew exactly what she was doing, she was told multiple times exactly what would happen and she refused everybody’s efforts to help her sort things out.

“So very simply, I’ve refused to speak to her until she becomes a member of the Church again. And she could do this very easily! … All she has to do is apologize and make up for any damage that she’s done. That’s all! But she won’t do it.”

Aaron took her story to local cable TV two years ago and put out an appeal to Zachary: “Daddy and I really love you,” she said. ” … We want to share in your life to some extent. We don’t want to control you or to force our realities on you. We just want to see what you’re doing.”

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  1. Thank you for posting their story, this is a labor of love
    . Grace and Ken are highly respected activist in other areas as well, they truly believe in freedom of speech.

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