Ex-Scientologist story #228, “Big League Sales,” by Les Dane.

Give us your money or else end up in the salad.

If L. Ron Hubbard had a personal “Bible” it might well have been the book on high pressure sales by succesful car salesman Les Dane.  In researching stories written by former Scientologists who responsible for sell courses, books and other services reading this book was mandatory.  For in Hubbard’s “religion” making money, and more money, was the by far the most important thing.  Money always ranked first on the list with Hubbard; personal happiness (of others that is) was a lot father down.  Former Scientology salesman Roger Barnes was quoted in the Florida newspaper Sun Sentinel, June 25, 1990.

“I remember being dragged across a desk by my tie because I hadn’t made my (sales quota),” said Barnes, who once toured the world selling Scientology until he had a bitter break with the group.

Barnes and other ex-Scientologists say that this uncompromising push to generate more money each week places intense pressure on registrars.

Another former Scientology salesman in Los Angeles said he and other registrars would use a tactic called “crush regging.” The technique, he said, employed no elaborate sales talk. They repeated three words again and again: “Sign the check. Sign the check.”

“This made the person feel so harassed,” he said, “that he would sign the check because it was the only way he was going to get out of there.”

For the rest of the story, “Church Markets its Gospel with High-Pressure Sales” go here.  http://www.sun-sentinel.com/la-scientology062590,0,3469937,full.story  this is followed by a video clip that speaks to this issue.

More on the fraud and greed of Scientology by a former member. 

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