Ex-Scientologist story #230, Slave wages in Scientology.

He worked for about a dime an hour.

The following is taken from the August 10, 1980 edition of the Las Vegas Review journal, “Ex-Scientologists Express Bitterness.”

WEEKLY PAY • Andrew Boone kept receipts. Lots of them. His receipts give a black-and-white account of the financial life of a Scientology staff member. Shown above are sample receipts of his weekly pay. Boone became involved with the church in 1977, but left three weeks ago when four other high level Scientologists defected from the local church. They were Carol Garrity the top spokesman for the Church in Nevada, Utah and Arizona, and her husband, Paul, the treasurer of the local church; and Janie and Dick Peterson, two of the highest trained church counselors in the Valley.

Such stories are nothing new to dedicated Scientology watchers.  Low wages paid are one of the reasons that Scientology grew so rich over the years.  There is nothing easy about being a member of Scientology, and that goes double if you are on staff or are a member of the Sea Org.  You can plan on ultra long hours, little sleep. bad food, insufficient food, dismal living quarters and the pleasure of being yelled and screamed at if you’re in some way “downstat.”

For the rest of the story go here:  http://www.lermanet.com/scientologynews/ex-members-express-bitterness.htm

This is a good spot to put in one of the hundreds of film clips from Youtube.

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