Ex-Scientologist story #231, Former member has regrets.


Frank Bonora posted the following on the Wog Blog, November 3, 2008. 

I was in Scientology for 13 years before leaving the group. The saddest occurrence is that my now adult children grew up without a father. That was profoundly hurtful more then anything else that was done to me.
1993 “Feeling despondent, I had thought of suicide as I returned to my apartment that night. Instead, I decided to just leave the group, never to return…For one week in September of 1993, I was hospitalized for depression…I experience recurring and intrusive recollections of the events that occurred while in Scientology. These thoughts often keep me awake at night and, therefore, I suffer from insomnia. I feel foolish that I fell into this trap and responded to Scientology manipulation. In contrast to my friends who have families, homes and careers, I believe that the new attitudes and resulting actions that were induced by the techniques used by Scientology caused me to lose my family, employment, opportunities, and emotional harm.”

Anyone would become depressed after they understood that they wasted years of time and effort on behalf of a bunch of lunatic con artists.  Scientology is dangerous; not only to your bank balance but your state of mind.  It is time to spread the work on just what a creepy, greedy and nasty cult Scientology is.


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