Ex-Scientologist story #235, no food for “degraded beings.”

“Church Markets Its Gospel With High-Pressure Sales.”

This story appeared in the June 25, 1990 edition of the Sun Sentinal.

Behind the religious trappings, the Church of Scientology is run like a lean, no-nonsense business in which potential members are called “prospects,” “raw meat” and “bodies in the shop.”

Its governing financial policy, written by the late Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, is simple and direct: “MAKE MONEY, MAKE MORE MONEY, MAKE OTHERS PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MONEY.”

The organization uses sophisticated sales tactics to sell a seemingly endless progression of expensive courses, each serving as a prerequisite for the next. Known collectively as “The Bridge,” the courses promise salvation, higher intelligence, superhuman powers and even possible survival from nuclear fallout–for those who can pay.

[When it comes to grubbing for money Scientology has no shame whatsoever.  They will promise anything and everything to get you to spend money.  Recently they sent around flyers to their members urging them to pawn or sell jewelry since the price of gold is so high.  Or. as in the case of Donna Day, not to waste money on pets.  As for myself I think the degraded beings are Scientologists.]  

Former Scientologist Donna Day of Ventura said that church registrars accused her of throwing away money on rent and on food for her cats and dogs–“degraded beings,” they called her pets. They said the money should be going to the church.

“I was so upset, I finally left the house with them sitting in it,” said Day, who sued the church to get back $25,000 she said she had spent on Scientology.

To read the rest of this story go here.  http://www.sun-sentinel.com/la-scientology062590,0,3469937,full.story

And for the sheer fun of it I am going to post this clip that I found on YouTube which has Hubbard talking about space aliens. 

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