Ex-Scientologist story #237, Disconnection in the UK.

This is from the Daily Mail, February, 11, 1984:

A MAN with 22 years’ senior standing with the sect resigned in disgust at the new disconnections.

Now he says that even his 13-year-old son from a previous marriage has stopped speaking to him. The boy is still in the Scientology group.

The 48-year-old father, Mr. Ronald Biggs, from East Grinstead, said: ‘Once I had resigned from the Church, I was effectively disconnected.

‘Even though nothing official has been ordered, everyone knows.

‘I am divorced but my first family are in the group still, and my son was always very close to me.

‘But this week he wrote to me to say that he must disconnect. Resigning is taken to be an act of open hostility.

‘My son has believed that it is necessary not to speak to me or visit me, even though it is very upsetting.’

He added: ‘There have been people who were “declared” wrongly. There has been a rash of them. You become a non-person. You see somebody in the street and they turn their head away.’

His present wife, a 45-year-old businesswoman, said: ‘Families are being broken up.’

No matter where the ugly snout of Scientology is found you can bet that families get broken up.  And yet in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary they will deny it.  Are they ashamed of it?  They should be.

To read the rest of this story go here: http://cosmedia.freewinds.be/media/articles/dma110284.html

Scientology continues to lie about their practice of forced disconnection.  This has become an international problem and a shame, if they ever had any, to Scientology itself.




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