Ex-Scientologist story #239, Scholar says, “A Scientologist is a slave.”


Elliot Benjamin, Ph.D, was involved in Scientology for a couple of years; he later wrote a paper on Scientology comparing it to Judaism.  This got him little praise from Hubbard and his followers.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Scientology used their usual tricks of the trade to silence Benjamin but as is often the case, they failed miserably to shut him up.  This story is contained in his essay, quoted below, “Scientology in the 1970’s from various perspectives in time.”

It successfully combines the technology of the West with the mysticism of the East, and is so expansive and all-encompassing, that it has only one major flaw and lack: FREEDOM!

Yes—that’s it. A Scientologist is a slave. A slave to the ideas of Mr. Hubbard. Hubbard’s ideas are remarkably brilliant, but the price is a bit too high for me–and I am not just talking about the financial price. You literally must sell your soul to Scientology in order to become a Scientologist. . .

Now comes the fear. The publicity about Scientology is beginning to become a big news item, as Scientology is being indicted for stealing thousands of government documents. On the other hand, Scientology is conducting lawsuits against various individuals who have written and spoken out against Scientology. The lawsuits are minor compared to some other maneuvers Scientology has been accused of using: alleged fires to an individual’s personal belongings, continuous harassment with the intent of driving an individual to a mental hospital, spreading false rumors to destroy an individual’s reputation, and threats on an individual’s life. So what am I to do? I never expected Scientology to embrace my book, but their near Gestapo tactics have exceeded even my own expectations of their reactions to other ex-Scientologists’ exposes about their church.

To read the rest of this interesting essay go here:  http://www.rickross.com/reference/scientology/personal/personal10.html

Ever hear the expression, “to lie like a rug?”  They must have come up with that in reference to the claims L. Ron Hubbard made about his life. 

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