Ex-Scientologist story #243, Former member asks, “Is Scientology PTS?”


In August 2008 a member of Scientology in Denmark renounced the cult in stinging terms.

Sally Kragh Andersen is now officially out of the hamsterwheel aka estate agency aka Church of Scientology.

I am hereby taking back my selfdeterminism. I do not ever have to listening to stuff like: You have to it, do it for the 3D, will you attend the event? Why not? Buy this and do that! When will you become a staff-member? Do you have the lectures, but you must have the lectures. Nor do I have to be harrased by tons of e-mails, snail-mails and call-inns, even New Year’s Eve at eight o’clock. Thank you God! If you choose to stay in scientology, you will have the opportunity to buy back your selfdeterminism at OT3. For something like dkk 300.000. Oh that is fantastic! . . .

Is scientology PTS?

Cancellation of disconnection HCO PL 15th November 1968. Reintroduced in 1983 becaurse the PTS/SP-tech obviously did not work. I myself got a clear message from the ethics-officer, that if I did not disconnect from Sonni Boel among other friends, I could not receive any more services. . .

At one time during her sojurn in Scientology she suffered a mental collapse, something rather common in the high-pressure, low-reward world of the cult.

Speaking of nervous breakdown. “Normally” when people collapse in Scientology, they are sent in baby-watching. It means you are being isolated, fx in a summer cottage, looking at stones, while another person is present, to keep an eye on you. Lene xxx tried this amazing cure devised by Scientology, and even got some very unpleasant sexual experiences simultaneously. She even had to pay for it.

Steen Jorgensen was also out baby-watching, he found the man, Jorgen Nielsen, dead the next morning. Hanged. Bjarne Hededam hanged himself. Michelle Enger was in baby watching. Susanne Schrøder went quazy and her husband had to admit her to the hospital. Frank Boyd litterally went nuts! Hans Jacob ran around on a German highway, talking nonsense, that is why he is in a cl. V organization today.

Gitte from Lyngby Mission commited suicide at FLAG, even I went down and became hospitalized for 24 hours, then there was the woman from AOSH EU who killed two babies and drove around with them in a babycarriage.

Arne Højer there went more and more zombie-like as hours passed, though he was OT7. He was dotty. The cousin of Mikkel Jørck went psychotic in the sauna, and the last of which just occurs to me: Sjudur Jacobsen, who went PTS type three and was hospitalized. Met him twice, just terrible.

Incredibly, this happens to so many people in such a small a group. This is only, what I know of in Copenhagen. Something is definitely wrong. Absolutely wrong.

To read the rest of her story go here: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?15689-Latest-news!-An-auditor-from-Denmark-left-the-Church&p=355495#post355495

Medical quackery in Scientology has long been a scandal, read this for more information:


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Ex-Scientologist story #242, Joined the Sea Org at 13.

Join the collective and kiss your freedom goodbye.

This is another story of the Sea Org, it should be re-named the Sea Borg.  There is as little personal freedom inside this paramilitary group as there is in the famous Sci-Fi group known as the “Borg Collective.” 

A Peek Inside the ‘Onion’ of Scientology

An interview with Janet Reitman, author of Inside Scientology:
The History of America’s Most Secretive Religion

By Kristin Rawls

Jeffrey Aylor was thirteen when he joined the sea Organization.

Raised in a Scientology family in Los Angeles, he was at church one day when a Sea Org recruiter approached him. “What are you doing with your life?” he asked the teen.

Jeffrey had no idea what to say. “I’m thirteen, I’m not doing anything with my life,” Jeffrey said. The recruiter asked him if he wanted to “help” people. Jeffrey said, “Sure. What kid doesn’t want to help people?”

Thus began Jeffrey’s immersion into the tightly wound world of the Sea Org, where he would spend the next seven years of his life. In that time, he would see fewer than ten movies, would rarely listen to music and never had sex. Though theoretically reading newspapers and magazines was allowed — USA Today is sold openly on Gold Base — in practice it was discouraged, along with surfing the Internet and watching TV. Indeed, all contact with the world at large was “entheta.” “I never considered myself a Scientologist until I joined the Sea Org,” Jeffrey says.

Jeffrey’s indoctrination began with a boot camp known as the “Estates Project Force,” or EPF. There, he learned to march, salute and perform manual labor. Physical work is a key training technique for new recruits. Jeffrey’s sister, for instance, went through the EPF when she was twelve and was forced to crawl through ducts that were roach- and rat-infested. Like the TRs, this kind of work, Jeffrey explains, is meant to raise a person’s “confront,” enabling them to be more in control of their environment.

After the EPF, Jeffrey was given a blue shirt, blue tie and dark-blue trousers, and sent to work as a receptionist at the American Saint Hill Organization for spiritual training, on Scientology’s expansive Hollywood campus. He was paid fifty dollars per week and worked an average of fifteen hours per day, including an hour or two of auditing and other training. Home was a large barracks-style room in a building where Jeffrey lived with about twenty other boys and men. In seven years, Jeffrey says, he saw his family just a handful of times. His only free time was the few hours he received on Sunday mornings to do his laundry. Hubbard believed strongly in productivity, which he saw as highly ethical behavior. “We reward production and up-statistics and penalize nonproduction and down-statistics,” he wrote in Introduction to Scientology Ethics.

Eventually, Jeffrey found himself on “PTS watch,” monitoring Sea Org members who wanted to leave the order. According to church officials, Sea Org members can leave anytime they want. But in practice, the attitude is “the only reason you’d want to leave is because you’ve done something wrong,” says Jeffrey. This would call for a round of “sec checks,” which would continue throughout the “route out” process, which can take up to a year. During that time, former Sea Org members have asserted, they are subjected to so much pressure they often decide not to leave after all.

To make sure no one would leave before their route-out was complete, Jeffrey would shadow them: “I’ve been assigned to go and sleep outside somebody’s door — all night, for as many nights as it takes — on the floor, against the door, so I could feel if they opened it. If they went to the bathroom, someone would stand right outside. Someone is always there.”

Some wayward members have “disappeared” for long periods of time, sent to special Scientology facilities known as the “Rehabilitation Project Force.” Created by Hubbard in 1974, the RPF is described by the church as a voluntary rehabilitation program offering a “second chance” to Sea Org members who have become unproductive or have strayed from the church’s codes. It involves intensive physical labor (at church facilities) and auditing and study sessions to address the individual’s personal problems. The process is given a positive spin in church writings. “Personnel ‘burnout’ is not new to organizations,” a post on Scientology’s official Web site reads, in relation to the RPF, “but the concept of complete rehabilitation is.”

Former Sea Org members who’ve been through the program charge that it is a form of re-indoctrination, in which hard physical labor and intense ideological study are used to break a subject’s will. Chuck Beatty, a former Sea Org member, spent seven years in the RPF facilities in Southern California, from 1996 to 2003, after expressing a desire to speak out against the church. For this, he was accused of “disloyalty,” a condition calling for rehabilitation. “My idea was to go to the RPF for six or eight months and then route out,” says Beatty. “I thought that was the honorable thing to do.” In the RPF he was given a “twin,” or auditing partner, who was responsible for making sure he didn’t escape. “It’s a prison system,” he says, explaining that all RPFers are watched twenty-four hours per day and prevented from having contact with the outside world. “It’s a mind-bending situation where you feel like you’re betraying the group if you try to leave.”

For the rest of this compelling story go here: http://www.anti-scientologie.ch/inside-scientology.htm#Jeffrey

There are many stories online about the miserable conditions of the staff in Scientology.  Here is one of them.  

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Ex-Scientologist story #241, At least he saved his guitar.


More sadness and disconnection from the wonderful world of Scientology.

My name is Allan Averay-Jones, i am 21 years old and the Cousin of Fiona Peachy and nephew of Jame & Liz. I share quite alot of personal details in this story and trust noone will judge. My experience with Scientology is not expansive i have completed several couses in both the Canberra and at AOSH ANZO. Originally i simply completed a Communications course to assit me in my job working for my Aunty at a Cd store in the Canberra Org.

A few years later i went to visit my other cousin at AOSH ANZO just to check on her because i was feeling a bit apprehensive about her being so young and living and working for COS. Before i knew it i had been forced to watch the Sea Org recruitment movie about 10 times and before i knew it caved and signed my life away.

I was then that after noon driven from sydney to my apartment in newcastle (about a 2.5hr drive) by my handler and made to pack my belongs and leave with him (much to the devestation of my friends who i was living with) I was then placed on a project prepare and completed a further number of couses (not before being coached on how to call my mum and convince her to pay for said courses) eventually about 2 months later going though my E-metering it became evident that i was a homosexual (something my family did not know at the time) despite having a new born daughter.

Instantly i was sent down to eithics and banned from seeing my cousin any further. I was left in eithics for a week and then body routed to the Sydney City Org being told we had to handle the situation before i could become a working member of the Sea Org.

About a week after arriving at the Sydney City Org, i was being taught how to administer a “Free Personality Test”, i was approached by who i now believe was the special affiars officer who told me that one of my friends had reported me as being kidnapped by the church. I was told to call the police instantly and tell them i was safe and well and here of my own violition. I was then told to contact this friend and “Dissconnect”. That night i was also told that it was required that i “Dissconnect” with the mother of my new born daughter because quote “You need to dedicate yourself to this, you dont have time for Surpressive Person like a woman who would have a child of a homo”

I was staying in glebe with a number of Scientologists who were very dedicated and spent as much of their free time avaliable trying to assist in the brainwashing process feeding me full of Scientology information.

As soon as this happend i became weary of COS but decided to try and stay close to my cousin. Eventually i had to just walk away, i had managed to stay in contact with the mother of my daughter she came to sydney one day and i just left everything. A hand sketched picture of my mother and me form when i was a small child, a $5000 Mason Gutair, all my clothes except the ones on my back and all my other possessions.

I hoped and prayed my cousin and family would one day come out the other side of Scientology. Fortunatly most of them have and i am so happy for them. I just want to see Fiona Peachy back with her family who love her dearly. I miss you Fiona please come home….

This story and following replies can be found here: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?15283-My-breif-story&p=344093#post344093


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