Ex-Scientologist story #243, Former member asks, “Is Scientology PTS?”


In August 2008 a member of Scientology in Denmark renounced the cult in stinging terms.

Sally Kragh Andersen is now officially out of the hamsterwheel aka estate agency aka Church of Scientology.

I am hereby taking back my selfdeterminism. I do not ever have to listening to stuff like: You have to it, do it for the 3D, will you attend the event? Why not? Buy this and do that! When will you become a staff-member? Do you have the lectures, but you must have the lectures. Nor do I have to be harrased by tons of e-mails, snail-mails and call-inns, even New Year’s Eve at eight o’clock. Thank you God! If you choose to stay in scientology, you will have the opportunity to buy back your selfdeterminism at OT3. For something like dkk 300.000. Oh that is fantastic! . . .

Is scientology PTS?

Cancellation of disconnection HCO PL 15th November 1968. Reintroduced in 1983 becaurse the PTS/SP-tech obviously did not work. I myself got a clear message from the ethics-officer, that if I did not disconnect from Sonni Boel among other friends, I could not receive any more services. . .

At one time during her sojurn in Scientology she suffered a mental collapse, something rather common in the high-pressure, low-reward world of the cult.

Speaking of nervous breakdown. “Normally” when people collapse in Scientology, they are sent in baby-watching. It means you are being isolated, fx in a summer cottage, looking at stones, while another person is present, to keep an eye on you. Lene xxx tried this amazing cure devised by Scientology, and even got some very unpleasant sexual experiences simultaneously. She even had to pay for it.

Steen Jorgensen was also out baby-watching, he found the man, Jorgen Nielsen, dead the next morning. Hanged. Bjarne Hededam hanged himself. Michelle Enger was in baby watching. Susanne Schrøder went quazy and her husband had to admit her to the hospital. Frank Boyd litterally went nuts! Hans Jacob ran around on a German highway, talking nonsense, that is why he is in a cl. V organization today.

Gitte from Lyngby Mission commited suicide at FLAG, even I went down and became hospitalized for 24 hours, then there was the woman from AOSH EU who killed two babies and drove around with them in a babycarriage.

Arne Højer there went more and more zombie-like as hours passed, though he was OT7. He was dotty. The cousin of Mikkel Jørck went psychotic in the sauna, and the last of which just occurs to me: Sjudur Jacobsen, who went PTS type three and was hospitalized. Met him twice, just terrible.

Incredibly, this happens to so many people in such a small a group. This is only, what I know of in Copenhagen. Something is definitely wrong. Absolutely wrong.

To read the rest of her story go here: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?15689-Latest-news!-An-auditor-from-Denmark-left-the-Church&p=355495#post355495

Medical quackery in Scientology has long been a scandal, read this for more information:


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