Buster Crabbe vrs. Xenu, who had the better story line?

When I was a young boy I thought that Buster Crabbe was just about the most daring hero of early TV and the movie screen.  I watched a lot of Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon reruns, I was not even thought of yet when they first came out, and I thought the stories were simply brilliant.  Those were the thoughts of a young boy who liked space operas. 

So how would the space opera of Xenu stack up against Buck Rogers and the evil emperor Ying??  Was Hubbard’s “Wall of Fire” and “OT III” as good or even better, than Phillip Nolan’s Buck Rogers?  This hero appeared in Amazing Stories first in 1929, a decade later L. Ron Hubbard’s stories would appear in the same magazine. 

Flash Gordon got a later start than Buck Rogers.  Here is Flash in a 1936 issue of Strange Adventure Magazine.

By today’s standards these stories would be outstanding ears in a field of corn so it is hard to say which was better, or worse, written.  Xenu’s tale is a bare outline.  Hubbard wrote just enough to come up with something to sell to his demented followers.  After all, for him the scant text was just a ploy to sell more auditing. 

Would Xenu have gotten away with the mass murder if Buck had been there to save the day?  Would he have survived the fight with Flash Gordon?  I don’t think so, Buster Crabbe never lost a fight in his long career.  He would have  hit Xenu with a left-cross to the chin followed by a roundhouse right that would have sent him down for the alien count. 

Here is a sample from the bygone era.  Enjoy.


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