Ex-Scientologist story #250, Family ripped apart by Scientology.

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 This is the story of the Anderson family and how one daughter has disconnected from them.  See how they wasted their time and their money as members of a greedy, money-grubbing cult.  James and Liz got out; so did Jordan.  But one daughter was left in the bowels of Clearwater Scientology, a very long, long way from mom and dad.

Church of Scientology Accused of Slave Labor Camps, Forced Abortions

by Amanda Kloer · March 09, 2010 [excerpts from Change.Org]
These days, accusations against the Church of Scientology are rolling in faster than Xenu’s spaceship strapped to a jet pack. The latest accusations are coming out of Australia, where former church members have accused the organization of using slave labor as a punishment, exploiting children in their offices, and forcing some members to have abortions against their will. These are by no means the first accusations that the Church of Scientology is guilty of human traffickingand related crimes. The question is, how many more former church members will need to step forward before someone launches an investigation?Liz and James Anderson recently came forward with their story of how Scientology tore apart and abused their family. Their daughter, Jordan, worked as an administrator for the church when she was 15. While she worked there, she was once forced to work for 72 hours straight with no sleep. And for a minor on-the-job error, this young girl was forced to scrub a Sydney dumpster as a punishment. Such inhumane hours and dangerous and degrading punishment for a 15-year-old worker is hardly the treatment you’d expect from a religious organization. The Andersons and Jordan left the church, and have now been severed from their one daughter who remains a member.Others in Australia have recently come forward to accuse the Church of operating slave labor camps. The camps, they claim, are set up as a punishment for members. They are allegedly run by the church and sanctioned by church officials. Also, individual members have complained of being imprisoned and enslaved in their own homes due to rule-breaking within the church. Several female church staff have also reported being forced or coerced into having abortions against their will. They claim that upon their pregnancy being discovered, they were taken into an office and threatened with expulsion from the church and being alienated from their families if they didn’t end their pregnancies. One woman was so frightened of the church she reportedly used a coat hanger to give herself the abortion the church required. The paperwork from that incident was apparently destroyed.For the rest of the story go here:  http://news.change.org/stories/church-of-scientology-accused-of-slave-labor-camps-forced-abortions

Here is the Anderson family on YouTube:

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