Ex-Scientologist story #255, Another spy in the world of Chaos.

There is a tendency among “independent Scientologists” and others to claim that the current madness of Scientology is all the fault of David Miscavige and that in the days of L. Ron Hubbard things were so much better.  That of course is pure crap.  Scientology was just as insane a group in the 1960’s as it is now.  The big difference is the present speed of information and the fact that journalists and other opinion leaders (and those who just have big mouths)  in society now know what a silly con the cult of Xenu is.  Scientology has always acted like a bunch of adolescent monkey-spankers who are incapable of doing anything than causing misery to others.

Roger Boswarva tried hard to grow and flourish by using Hubbard’s various systems.  And up to a point he was succesful.  But the leaders of the various orgs as well as their bosses in the command chain are not big on success.  They want miserable, caved-in, vacant eyed victims to punish and exploit.   This story is also interesting as it shines some light on the era of “Snow White” and the fiasco that sent Mary Sue Hubbard and others to federal prison.

 In July 1968, International Life Insurance Company, a client of mine, had 10,000 salesmen throughout the UK, and the company wanted me to repeat the magical performance of sales training using my old PE lecture and Comm Course materials throughout the company. I was so successful, four attendees on my first course went into the org for more services while actually on my sales training course.

Learning I was doing these courses (perfectly on policy and in tech) the twits in the org wrote to my client telling them the action was not sanctioned by them, a “violation of their copyright” and that they would be sued if they persisted.

You would have thought they’d have given their eye-teeth for 10,000 new bodies in the shop . . . . not that bright!

What is even more stupid, this brilliance by me of scaring the org with 10,000 demanding new public actually earned me being assigned the newly released condition of Treason . . . then the lowest condition assignable. You’d have thought they’d see me as a hero! Hell no!

The Church of Scientology, now, is a sick organization totally introverted into “finding enemies” but which enemy situation is a fantasy of its own delusion and making. It does not and cannot apply its technology in a manner that produces optimum results, but only produces more upsets, problems, difficulties and duress for its people. It is totally fixated on making others wrong, and “handling” them as enemies after it itself has fantasized that enmity into being. And it does this with its own people. And hence, it is declining and losing its supporters and believers.

Its greatest crime, and lie, is the falsehood that it is “the only way out,” that it has the route to total freedom and is the only group to have it. And, the sad circumstance is that it is a belief in these falsehoods that keep so many good people trapped, subservient, obedient, in fear of “losing their eternity” and afraid to expand and find greater truth elsewhere.

For those wanting to read about Scientology back in the day, well, this is for you.  http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?11823-The-Lies-and-Deceit-of-the-Church-of-Scientology&p=252353#post252353

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